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Aviation Brigade - 49th Armored Division
"Alamo Brigade"

The 49th Aviation Brigade, the Alamo Brigade, was organized as the Cavalry Brigade (Air Attack) on October 4, 1986 as part of the 49th Armored Division. It was originally organized with the 1st Battalion 149th Aviation, D and E companies of the 149th Aviation, the 49th Air Traffic Control Platoon and 1st Squadron 124th Cavalry.

The unit was redesignated the 49th Aviation Brigade on September 1, 1989. Designed to support a heavy division, the 49th Aviation Brigade has the primary mission to engage and destroy threat armored and mechanized forces in conjunction with 49th Armored Division operations. As a Texas Army National Guard unit, the Alamo Brigade has a secondary mission of supporting the state, on order of the governor, in time of emergency or natural disaster.

As of early 2001, the force structure of the Alamo Brigade consisted of: HHC Aviation Brigade, 1st Battalion 149th Aviation (AH-64A Helicopters), 2nd Battalion 149th Aviation (UH-60L, EH-60A, UH-1H, and OH-58C Helicopters), 1st Squadron 124th Cavalry (AH-1F Helicopters, M1A1 Abrams Tanks and M3 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicles) and Co H 149th Aviation (Air Traffic Services).

The 49th Aviation Brigade has provided aviation support for all 49th Armored Division deployments and training events. The Brigade has trained at JRTC and NTC and is always ready for new training opportunities in the United States or overseas. The Brigade continues to focus on cavalry, attack, and air assault operations.

In support of disaster relief operations, the 49th Aviation Brigade has been the lead aviation force in Texas. During a series of natural disasters in 1998, the Alamo Brigade flew over 650 hours fighting wildfires across the state. Additionally, during Tropical Storm Charlie and the Central Texas Floods, the Brigade rescued 252 persons who were trapped by flood waters.

On April 15, 1999 eleven Texas Army National Guard units were officially notified that they should begin training for a possible mobilization and deployment to Bosnia as part of the NATO Stabilization Force. The units included Company H, 149th Aviation (Air Traffic Support), Austin, Texas.

Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 49th Aviation Brigade was activated by Presidential Order to command 4th Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment(ACR) at Comanche Base, Bosnia-Herzegovina, as part of the 49th Armored Division, in NATO Stabilization Force 7. The 49th Aviation Brigade Combat Team combined staff from the 49th Aviation Brigade from the Texas Guard and the staff and aviation units from the 4th Squadron, 3rd ACR. The 49th Aviation Brigade contributed about 50 personnel, while the 4th squadron made up the majority of the combat team with nearly 500 soldiers. Integration of the aviation units occured at the staff level.

The 3d ACR and the Texas National Guard have ties dating back to 1846, where the Texas Rangers fought on the same battlefields as the 3d Cavalry on General Winfield Scott's campaign for Vera Cruz to Mexico City.

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