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4960th Multifunctional Training Brigade

The Mission of the 4960th Multifunctional Training Brigade is to provide a means for members of the Total Army, throughout the U.S. Army Pacific Command, to attain military education. Its mission is also to provide proficiency standards through the medium of Army Service School approved Programs of Instruction. To accomplish this mission, the unit is organized with its headquarters located on Oahu. Its is supported by remote teaching locations in Guam, Alaska, Japan, and Korea. The unit has also sent mobile training teams to American Samoa and Saipan.

The unit was established on 1 June 1953, as the 8325th ARAU Honolulu USAR School, at Fort DeRussy, with a detachment in Hilo. Remote teaching locations were established and closed to meet the changing needs of the soldiers and their units, since the unit's inception in 1953. Kahului, Wailuku, Lihue, and Hilo had remote teachings locations established since 1954. The Wailuku, Kahului, Lihue, and Hilo locations are currently closed. The remote teaching location in Guam was established on 1 Sep 75 and continues today with enlisted courses. Remote teaching locations were established in Camp Zama, Japan in1986; Yongsan, Korea in 1988; and Okinawa in 1989. They were established to conduct the Command and General Staff Officers Course. These remote teaching locations help Total Army officers, in the Far East, meet their military education requirements. The Okinawa location was closed in 1993 due to a decline in the number of students. the widespread area of instructional responsibility was additionally expanded to include the transfer of an Alaska teaching location to the unit in 1991.

The unit has been honored twice for producing recipients of the prestigious John J. Pershing Award. This award is given to officer students that achieve the highest academic standing in the Command and General Staff Officers, world-wide. In 1971, LTC William Crockett achieved this distinction, and in 1981 Captain Stephen Fitzgerald won this award. Their names are engraved on plaques in Ball Hall, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. The 4960th MFTB achieved full accreditation for the first time in its history in 1993. The 4960th was one of only two schools to achieve full accreditation that year.

Over the years, the 4960th has had many designations and names. It began as the 8325th ARAU Honolulu USAR School in 1953; changed to the 4960th ARAU Honolulu USAR School in 1959; The USAR School, Pacific (4960) in 1960; The USAR School, Pacific in 1969; the 4960th USAR School in 1972; in 1986, the school was redesignated to the 4960th United States Army Reserve Forces School. Presently, the unit has been redesignated as the 4960th Multi-Functional Training Brigade (Provisional), with the formal redesignation effective on 1 June 1999. This last designation was to emphasize the vision that the unit provides educational services to all members of the Total Army.

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