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416th Engineer Group (Combat)

Responsibilities include command supervision of an Engineer Group headquarters, two battalions, training and overall functioning of the Group to insure the command was prepared to perform its wartime and state missions, strength management and the development of the Battalion Commanders, Group Executive Officer, and Command Sergeant Major within the Group. The commander provides leadership, direction, and command emphasis to advocate safety of personnel and equipment and assure supply economy. Executed and adhered to directives from the Adjutant General and other higher headquarters, and provides leadership for the Group's overall mission, training readiness, military discipline, welfare of the troops, and all other aspects of the assigned organizations.

Following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the bulk of the reserve forces mobilized supported the combat force defending Saudi Arabia. Combat support troops included an aviation company and three combat engineer companies. In addition to these companies, a derivative unit headquarters of the 416th Engineer Command was activated. The 416th Engineer Command Headquarters (minus), commanded by Maj. Gen. Terrence D. Mulcahy, became the command element of ARCENT's 416th Engineer Group. Those turned out to be the last units called up during the initial deterrent or defensive phase of Operation DESERT SHIELD.

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