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404th Civil Affairs Battalion

The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 2 Feb 1995, consisting of a shield blazoned: Purpure, a writing quill palewise surmounted by two scimitars saltirewise hilts to base Argent, overall a hurt charged with a Roman legionnaire's helmet Or, all encircled in base by a red scroll inscribed "SAFEGUARD THE FUTURE" in silver. Purple and white (silver) are the colors traditionally associated with Civil Affairs. The hurt (disc), adapted from the Civil Affairs insignia of branch, represents a globe, and refers to the unit's ability to deploy worldwide. The helmet alludes to the ancient Roman's expertise in civil affairs matters and their recognition of its importance in successful government, an awareness shared by the 404th Civil Affairs Battalion. The crossed scimitars denote the unit's baptism by fire and service in Southwest Asia. The quill refers to the branch insignia. Gold is for excellence; red for courage and sacrifice.

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