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404th Aviation Support Battalion

The mission of the 404th Aviation Support Battalion is to provide logistical support for the Combat Aviation Brigade, 4th Infantry Division in support of garrison and combat operations.

The 404th Aviation Support Battalion was first constituted on 10 January 1996 in the Regular Army as the 404th Aviation Support Battalion, assigned to the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Hood, Texas. There the unit was placed initially under the control of the Division Support Command (DISCOM). It was the youngest member of the DISCOM.

The forward repair system-heavy (FRS-H) completed an operational and safety demonstration at Oshkosh in December 1996. A TRADOC-sponsored concept evaluation program began in January 1996 with the 404th Aviation Support Battalion, an element of the 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized), at Fort Hood, Texas. The heavy repair vehicle (HRV) consisted of a lightly armored, survivable maintenance module, a 10-kilowatt tactical quiet generator, and a 7.5-ton crane mounted on a modified palletized loading system (PLS) chassis. The PLS truck was modified by removing its 16.5-ton-capacity load-handling system. The module was packed with standard-issue tool sets, pneumatic and electric power tools, and hard copies of technical manuals. The FRS-H was configured similarly to the HRV, but with one major exception: where the HRV was permanently mounted on a modified PLS chassis, the FRS-H would be mounted on a PLS flatrack and would be demountable from the PLS vehicle. This would allow tactical flexibility for the commander to use the PLS vehicle when it was not needed to support maintenance operations.

The Battalion successfully deployed 300 soldiers to Fort Irwin, California in March 1997 and provided all combat service support for the 4th Brigade (Aviation). In August 1998, the Battalion deployed to Fort Irwin for National Training Center Rotation 98-10. The Battalion was task organized to support not only the 4th Brigade (Aviation), but also an armor battalion task force, an engineer battalion, a field artillery battalion, an air defense artillery battery, and other slice elements.

In January 1999, the Battalion deployed an Aviation Intermediate Maintenance slice from A Company in support of 1-4th Aviation (Attack), as part of the Stabilization Force (SFOR) in Bosnia. In August 1999, the Battalion deployed a task organized element to southwest Asia to support 1-10th Cavalry during Exercise Intrinsic Action 99-03.

In Spring 2003, the Battalion received deployment orders in support of the 4th Brigade (Aviation) for a 12 month rotation at Forward Operating Base Speicher in Iraq. The Battalion redeployed in April 2004 and immediately began reorganization and reset operations in preperaton for transformation to the modular force structure. As part of the transformation, various elements held at division level, but habitually assigned to a division's brigades during operations were made organic to those brigades. The 404th Aviation Support Battalion was inactivated, reorganized, and reactivated assigned to the Combat Aviation Brigade, 4th Infantry Division.

As of December 2005, the 404th Aviation Support Battalion, part of the Combat Aviation Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, was operating out of Camp Taji, Iraq, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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