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3rd Soldier Support Battalion

In 2007, as part of the Personnel Services Delivery Redesign, the 3rd Soldier Support Battalion was inactivated.

The 3rd Soldier Support Battalion mission is to operate the DS dimension of the personnel information and casualty management systems and to provide essential personnel services to commanders, soldiers, and Army civilians. The Personnel Service Battalion commands and controls personnel detachments (2 to 6) and a modular postal company. The Personnel Service Battalion commander also serves as personnel officer to synchronize information between and among units (G1s/S1s). The Personnel Service Battalion is responsible for critical tasks associated with the database management of the personnel accounting and strength reporting, casualty operations management, and personnel information management systems. The Personnel Service Battalion is also responsible for identification documents, personnel evaluations, promotions and reductions, officer procurement, and soldier actions.

Tracking, locating, paying and processing soldiers was made easier thanks to a few troops with the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3rd Soldier Support Battalion. Microsoft Excel spreadsheets had previously been used before to track soldiers. These were not very accurate or effective. To remedy this, prior to deployment for Stabilization Force (SFOR) 8, the 3rd Soldier Support Battalion began devising a way to improve methods of gaining and maintaining accountability of soldiers, regardless of where they were located in the box. Using the Tactical Personnel System (TPS) extensively, the 3rd Soldier Support Battalion began accountability and inprocessing from the information on the manifest. From there, they could create a database. Previously, it would take 2-3 hours to manifest personnel. With the improved system the 3rd Soldier Support Battalion could process 500 personnel in 25 minutes.

The 3rd Soldier Support Battalion came into being as a product of the reflagging of the 24th Infantry Division as the 3rd Infantry Division in 1996. It combined elements of the previous 24th Personnel Services Battalion and 24th Finance Battalion into a single element. The unit consisted of an HHC, A through D Companies, and the 3rd Finance Company, which drew primarily from personnel from the inactivated 24th Finance Battalion. The 3rd Finance Company consisted of a little more than 130 Soldiers by 2005 and consisted of a Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, and A and C Detachments.

In 2005 the 3rd Finance Battalion deployed to Iraq in support of the 3rd Infantry Division and other US and coalition forces, as well as local contractors as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom III. For the deployment the Company consisted of a total of 6 finance detachments geographically dispersed throughout Iraq. These included its organic detachments, as well as Detachment A, 10th Soldier Support Battalion (from the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, New York), Detachment C, 177th Finance Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division (from Korea), and Detachment 3153, 83rd Troop Command, Florida Army National Guard.

The 3rd Finance Company, nicknamed "The Marne Paymasters," seamlessly integrated these three detachments while ensuring a successful Transfer of Accountability with their predecessors, the 15th Finance Battalion. When their company replaced a battalion, the Paymasters knew they had a big job ahead of them.

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