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4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion

The "Sentinel" Battalion, 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion, was activated at Fort Stewart on 24 June 2004 as part of the Army's transformation to the modular unit of action concept and designated as the 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division. Since activation, the Battalion exemplified its motto, "One Team, One Fight" by providing direct support of unique capabilities to 4th Brigade Combat Team.

The Battalion Headquarters and HHC received initial personnel, equipment, and facilities from the Engineer Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division beginning in April 2004. HHC received its military police platoon in May 2004 from the 3rd Military Police Company. A Company (Signal) transitioned to 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion on 8 April 2004 after receiving personnel and equipment from A Company, 123rd Signal Battalion. B Company (Military Intelligence) transitioned to 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion from the 103rd Military Intelligence Battalion after gaining a Chemical Reconnaissance Platoon from the 92nd Chemical Company in June 2004. The 103rd Military Intelligence Battalion, 3rd Military Police Company, and 123rd Signal Battalion were all inactivated.

The 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion spent 7 months from May to November 2004 receiving personnel and equipment and working with the 3rd Infantry Division and TRADOC to fix initial MTOE shortfalls. By July 2004, the 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion was minimally manned, equipped, and prepared to support Marne Focus, the first "Vanguard" Brigade field training exercise. In October 2004, 4th BSTB supported the Division's Command Post Exercise and deployed to the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC), at Fort Polk, Louisiana. The Battalion trained alongside of hundreds of Iraqi Nationals during the 4th Brigade's Mission Readiness Exercise in preparation of Operation Iraqi Freedom 04-06. Upon returning to Fort Stewart, 4th BSTB prepared and shipped equipment to Kuwait from December 2004 to January 2005.

The 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion assumed Operation Iraqi Freedom 04-06 responsibilities on 4 March 2005. The focus of the Battalion headquarters and staff included command and control and logistical support of organic and attached units, civil military operations, and reconstruction. HHC, with battalion oversight, assumed force protection and mayoral duties of Forward Operating Base Union III. Additionally, HHC provided female search teams to support maneuver operations. The Military Police (Gunslinger) Platoon ran the Brigade Internment Facility and conducted Iraqi Police Station assessments and training. A Company quickly established and sustained the Brigade's network including the JNN at FOB Prosperity, CPNs at FOBs Union III, Honor, Falcon, Baghdad Convention Center, and additional RETRANs teams at Al Rasheed Hotel and FOB Falcon. B Company established the Brigade ACT, utilized SIGINT assets, and attached Tactical HUMINT Teams in order to provide timely actionable intelligence to maneuver commanders.

The Ice Team of 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion prepared over a dozen sewer projects. The Al Melad Construction Company employed over 50 local Iraqi workers daily to install a new sewer system in M845 in the Al Rasheed area where there was previously no existing sewer system. The M845 sewer project helped prevent bacteria contamination in the ground water and adjacent potable water lines.

The 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion assistance provided the critical sewer station with a back-up power source that would allow the continuous operation of the sewer station. The sewer project cost of 7 million dollars and employed several hundred local laborers daily. The project provided a sewer and water network to a new, but impoverished area in the southern portion of the Al Rashid District.

In the month of August 2005, the Battalion initiated 5 projects throughout the Karadah and Karkh Districts. The 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion started renovations on 2 pump stations of smaller lift station along Haifa Street in Karkh. Repairs conducted by the Engineer's Group operations on the "Green" station was about 25 percent and the "Gray" pump station was contracted to the Al Rabat Company.

The 4th Brigade Special Troop Battalion Military Police conducted detainee missions for the Brigade to Abu Gharib. Talks of the referendum began to emerge and elected officials for Iraqi Presidency began to speak out on the issues that dictated Iraqi's progress to grow.

By November 2005 the Referendum was voted on and Saddam Hussein's trial began. 4th Brigade Special Troop Battalion Military Police conducted security operations at this historical event. The Military Polices were also tasked to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense for the training of Iraqi soldiers on the operations of check points, hand to hand combat and the proper usage of escalation of force.

The Battalion redeployed to Fort Stewart, Georgia in January 2006. In 2007 the 4th Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized) was alerted for deployment to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom in late 2007. The 4th Brigade, including the 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion, continued to serve in that country into 2008.

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