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386th Engineer Battalion (C)

World War II was the beginning of the end of the all-black segregated military unit. But these units would not be completely eliminated until 13 years later. During this long transition to integration the segregated units compiled a grand record of achievement. The 386th Engineer Battalion was formed at Fort Knox, Kentucky during World War II, and staged at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey.

In March 2001, personnel from the 386th Engineer Battalion took part in Operation Crackdown, a joint project of the Texas National Guard Counter-drug Task Force and Copus Christi city and neighborhood leaders. During a period of over three weeks, the unit Guard razed 27 abandoned and dilapidated houses connected to drug activity. With the Cat Model 973 track loader, weighing more than 27 tons, Guard combat engineers literally pull the structures from their foundations, until nothing is left but a heap of rubble to be scooped up and hauled away. By the time the operation's participants leave the neighborhood, nothing is left but an empty lot.

The 386the Engineer Battalion deployed to Iraq in late 2004 with the 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment from Tennessee as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and assigned to Task Force Liberty. It was movilized on June 26 2004. The activation marked the first time the unit had been activated since 1961, during which time it served for approximately a year at Fort Polk as a rsult of the Berlin crisis

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