372d Quartermaster Battalion

The 49th Quartermaster Group, through its five petroleum battalions and two petroleum liaison detachments, kept the planes flying and the vehicles moving to the tune of over 1.74 million gallons of fuel during Roving Sands '96. Red Forces (US Navy and US Air Force) and Blue Forces (Canadian Army and German Air Force) alike, totaling up to 4,000 soldiers, received uninterrupted support in this joint training exercise in the harsh New Mexico desert.

The 402d Quartermaster Battalion and the 372d Quartermaster Battalion, Albuquerque, NM, were located at Oro Grande, NM, next to the White Sands Missile Range. This site had the capacity to receive, store and issue up to 200,000 gallons of fuel. The battalions were responsible for the support of ground vehicles and bulk issue to supported units. They were also responsible for the establishment of a Forward Area Refuel Point (FARP) to support the aeromedical evacuation units operating during the exercise.

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