331st Signal Company
"Bigg Doggs"

The 331st Signal Company is a stand-alone Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) company consisting of 2 node centers, one Large Extension Node (LEN), 2 local Radio Access Units (RAU), 3 remote RAUs, 8 Small Extension Nodes (SEN) and its own System Control Center (SCC). The 331st Signal Company supports 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division (Mechanized).

The 331st Signal Company was originally activated on 15 February 1941, at Savannah, Georgia. It was redesignated on 26 March 1941 as the 331st Signal Company, Air Wing. It inactivated in February 1942, at Drew Field, Florida.

The unit reactivated on 16 April 1942, at Savannah, Georgia. It was redesignated on 8 July 1942, as the 331st Signal Company, Wing. It inactivated on 17 October 1945, at Camp Pinedale, California.

The unit was redesignated on 14 July 1966, as the 331st Signal Company. It was reactivated on 15 August 1966, at Fort Polk, Louisiana, and inactivated on 7 September 1967, at Fort Lewis, Washington.

The unit was reactivated on 1 March 1970, in Vietnam, where it inactivated on 26 February 1972.

The unit was again reactivated on 1 December 1995, at Fort Riley, Kansas.

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