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30th Troop Command

Tennessee Army National Guard units are supported by the 51 units that comprise the State Area Command (STARC). STARC units stretch from the Appalachian Mountains in the east to the Mississippi River in the west.

The 30th Finance Battalion, STARC from Smyrna was deployed in December 1996 to support Operation Joint Endeavor in Germany, returning home in August 1997. Other units including the 670th Air Traffic Control Company, the 196th Meteorological Section, and the 133rd Public Affairs Detachment have deployed to Europe in support of Operation Joint Forge. Elements of the 268th Military Police Battalion, 155th Engineer Company, 130th Rear Area Opera-tions Center, and 105th Personnel Services Battalion are scheduled to deploy to Bosnia and Kosovo during 2001 in support of American Peacekeeping Forces.

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