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3rd Battalion (General Support), 10th Aviation Regiment
C Company (Aviation Intermediate Maintenance), 10th Aviation Regiment

3rd Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment was first constituted on 17 April 1986 in the Regular Army as Company C, 10th Aviation Battalion, an element of the 1st Armored Division, and activated in Germany. It was inactivated on 16 November 1987 in Germany and relieved from assignment to the 1st Armored Division.

The unit was subsequently redesignated on 2 October 1988 as Company C, 10th Aviation and assigned on 16 March 1996 to the 10th Mountain Division, and activated at Fort Drum, New York. There C Company (Aviation Intermediate Maintenance), 10th Aviation Regiment provided direct and general Aviation Intermediate Maintenance support to the 10th Mountain Division's Aviation Brigade located in Fort Drum, New York. C Company was prepared and capable of deploying anywhere in the world in support of 10th Mountain Division aviation operations. The Company was responsible for all intermediate maintenance of UH-60A/L Blackhawk, OH-58D Warrior, and UH-1H Iroquois aircraft. The company as a whole was comprised of over 36 different MOS skill identifiers.

C Company had numerous soldiers serving in Bosnia as part of the SFOR 6 mission.

C Company, 10th Aviation was reorganized and redesignated on 16 September 2005 as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3rd Battalion, 10th Aviation with its organic elements concurrently constituted and activated. The Battalion was relieved on 19 September 2005 from assignment to the 10th Mountain Division and assigned to the Combat Aviation Brigade, 10th Mountain Division as part of the modular transformation. The Battalion was redesignated on 1 October 2005 as the 3rd Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment

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