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276th Military Intelligence Company

The 276 MICO provides all source intelligence, human intelligence (HUMINT) and ground surveillance support to the 76 Separate Infantry Brigade (Light).

Organized only a few years ago, the 276th Military Intelligence Company has been bestowed with the 1947 origination date of the 76th Brigade HHC. This underscores the fact that although the unit's lineage is brief, the men and women of the Company follow in the footsteps of the military intelligence professionals who have served the 76th Infantry Brigade for over fifty years.

During World War II, the unit's predecessors were tested by fire at the very time that military intelligence was just beginning to take on the broad range and professional nature that characterizes the field today. A fighting force then affiliated with the 38th Infantry Division Cyclones was seeking to requite the atrocities of Bataan through the liberation of the Philippine island of Luzon. Our military intelligence soldiers were out front in determining the disposition and intentions of a Japanese force which was well dug in and hidden in the jungle with complete coverage of fires by automatic weapons, mortars, artillery, and tank reinforcements. Drawing from information gathered from aerial photography, American and Filipino scouts, prisoner interrogations, voice intercept, and troops in contact, battlefield intelligence was produced which provided combat commanders with the information needed to achieve success. The withering crossfire subsided as enemy intentions were revealed and brave infantrymen fought tenaciously to open the way for the victory that was to come for these "Avengers of Bataan".

Today, even as rapid technology growth continually alters the face of intelligence work, it will remain the diligence, perception, and tactical knowledge of the soldiers of the 276th Military Intelligence Company that will serve as the cornerstone of efforts to fulfill the intelligence obligation we have to the Commander.

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