249th General Hospital (Caretaker)
"Strength When Needed"

The 249th General Hospital (Caretaker) held an inactivation ceremony in June 2006. The unit was inactivated as part of the transformation of the 44th Medical Command to the US Army's modular force structure.

The mission of the 249th General Hospital (Caretaker) was to organize, train, deploy, and provide command and control of hospital forces which provide comprehensive, high quality level IV Combat Heath Support in support of world-wide contingency operations. It would, on order, assume Medical Task Force command and control. The 249th General Hospital trained year-round to be ready to support the XVIII Corps and other commands in an expeditionary theater of operation.

The unit served during the First World War as Evacuation Hospital No. 10, recieving participation credit for the Meuse-Argonne campaign.

Eventually redesignated as the 63rd Station Hospital, the unit served in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II. The unit recieved participation credit for the Papua New Guinea and Luzon campaigns.

Subsequently redesignated as the Fitzsimmons Army Hospital, the unit was deployed to Vietnam. In 1971, the Hospital was inactivated there.

In 1994, the unit was reactivated as the 249th General Hospital and subsequently served in Bosnia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

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