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232nd Corps Support Battalion

A group of 35 Illinois citizen soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 130th Infantry, State Area Command, 232nd Corps Support Battalion and Company C, 341st Military Intelligence Battalion joined some 1,000 soldiers from 15 nations to take part in PeaceShield 1999 in Yavoriv Training Area, Ukraine, in August 2000.

PeaceShield '99 was an In the Spirit of Partnership for Peace multinational brigade computer-assisted command post exercise and field training exercise hosted by the Ukraine and sponsored by the United States. It focused on conducting multinational peacekeeping operations. The nearly 400 soldiers from the U.S. contingent included elements from the Southern European Task Force from Vicenza, Italy, and Guard soldiers from California, Kansas and Illinois. Other NATO countries participating included Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Poland and Turkey. Partner nations participating in the exercise included the host Ukraine, as well as, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Latvia, Moldova and Romania.

The Illinois Army National Guard was tasked to provide a 35-man platoon to be part of a Polish company. The platoon from the Urbana "Black Hawk" battalion was integrated into the Polish-Ukrainian Peacekeeping Battalion during the field training exercise and played a key role in the exercise. The platoon performed various peacekeeping support missions during the exercise, ranging from establishing a battalion command post, to operating a check point, operating an observation post, conducting patrols, vehicle patrols, convoy escort and rapid reaction force operations.

Ulchi Focus Lens 2000, one of three major military training exercises held annually by the South Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command, begans in mid-August 2001 with some 13,000 troops taking part. Support units permanently assigned to the country spent two weeks preparing for incoming troops who worked in various locations, including Seoul, Taegu, Osan Air Base, K-16 Air Base (just south of Seoul), Camps Humphreys and Yongin. Some of the facilities are tent cities with showers and laundry units, while other troops will be housed in barracks. Welcome and processing centers also were set up at a number of bases. The 232nd Corps Support Battalion, a National Guard unit from Springfield, Ill., operated the center at Camp Henry, the Army's 19th Theater Support Command headquarters post in Taegu. Those soldiers arrived after a 52-hour trip. The 232nd operated the center until the exercises ended Sept. 1.

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