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218th Regiment (Leadership)

The 218th Regiment is a training regiment located near the east end of Leesburg Road on Fort Jackson (Leesburg Training Center). The regiment's mission is to serve as a training center for Army National Guard and Army Reservists stationed in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. The regiment also operates the Leesburg Training Center (LTC) and the Clarks Hill Training Center (CHTS). LTC includes over 15,000 acres under license to the South Carolina National Guard for weekend and annual unit training. A new academic and dormitory complex costing $12.7 million is nearing completion at LTC. Another major construction project at LTC is underway - a $3.2 million state of the art Battle Simulation Center. CHTS is located in McCormick County on Lake Strom Thurmond, where the South Carolina National Guard has about 1,200 acres under license. The regiment provides peacetime command and control to two detachments that support LTC's operations and maintenance.

The 218th Regiment (Ldr) has an authorized strength of 221 consisting of 105 full-time employees and 116 traditional Guard men and women. This results in an annual payroll of $3,601,000. The annual operating budget for the training sites are $6,238,650.

The 218th Regiment (Ldr) commands the activities at two training sites. The SCARNG Training Center (Leesburg), located in the southeastern sector of Fort Jackson, approximately 15 miles east of Columbia, and Clarks Hill Training center, located in McCormick County on Lake Thurmond. These training centers provide land (training areas) and facilities for units to use during their training in both individual and collective tasks.

The South Carolina National Guard leases approximately 15,000 acres from Fort Jackson, at no cost, to provide a multi-faceted training base for National Guard units of South Carolina and other states and other federal, state, and local agencies.

The 218th Regiment (Ldr) resides at Leesburg Training Center and consists of four Total Army School System Battalions: 1st Battalion (Armor), 2nd Battalion (OCS), 3rd Battalion (NCOA), and 4th Battalion (General Studies) and the SCARNG Training Center, the 268th Engineer Detachment (Firefighters) and the 679th Engineer Detachment (Utilities). The battalions provide leadership training for noncommissioned officers and officers, military occupational training for soldiers in armor, and other courses directed by the Adjutant General. These battalions will train 2500 soldiers during a training year. Soldiers attending this training come from predominantly the southeastern states. The Engineer Detachments provide direct support to the Training Center.

Other units assigned at the SCARNG Training Center (Leesburg) Delta Company, 8th Tank Battalion, 4th Marines, USMCR; Detachment 1, Company Bravo, 163rd Support Battalion; and 3178th Ordinance Detachment, 3/178TH Field Artillery Battalion.

The SCARNG Training Center (Leesburg) provides a wide array of ranges and training areas to meet the needs of the units of the South Carolina Army National Guard. They include a Combat Pistol Qualification Range; Kasserine Pass Range, used for the M-203 Grenade Launcher and AT-4 Anti-Tank Weapon; twenty-one (21) artillery firing points; two (2) mortar-firing points; a Basic Rifle Marksmanship Range; and a Main Tank Range. The Training Center also provides specialized training areas for land navigation, demolition training, physical fitness training, and armored vehicle launch bridge site.

Units use the remaining training area for bivouac, maneuver, and lanes training. National Guard Bureau has designated the SCARNG Training Center (Leesburg) as the national testing site for all simulators.

This provides soldiers and leaders with an economical but realistic training device to improve individual, crew and unit performance. The training center offers its facilities, ranges and training areas to units every day of the year including weekends with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

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