2nd Battalion - 151st Infantry Regiment

Forefathers of today's 151st Infantry Regiment fought with General William Henry Harrison at the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811 when the great Shawnee chief, the Prophet, was defeated. The 151st Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry was organized at Indianapolis, Ind., and mustered in March 3, 1865. Left State for Nashville, Tenn., March 6; thence moved to Tullahoma, Tenn., March 14, and duty there till June 14. Moved to Nashville, Tenn., June 14, and garrison duty there till September. Mustered out September 19, 1865.

During World War II, the 38th Infantry Division earned combat streamers for three campaigns in the Southwest Pacific, including spearheading the landings on Luzon in the Philippines that regained the Bataan Peninsula from the Japanese. The 151st Infantry performed security operations in the Culasian Point-Barugo area under the 24th Infantry Division.

The division was reassembled by 4 January 1945 and landed in the San Narcisco area of Luzon on 29 January without opposition. Subic Bay was gained with the capture of Grande Island by a battalion of the 151st Infantry as the port facilities at Olongapo fell 30 January 1945. The division then commenced the drive to clear Highway 7, all three regiments participating in the fierce Battle of Zig Zag Pass 1-14 February 1945, and Dinalupihan fell to the 149th Infantry on 5 February. The reinforced 151st Infantry landed at Mariveles, Bataan 15 February 1945 and defeated a major Japanese counterattack that night. The division pushed down the east coast road to Pilar and across the peninsula to Bagac, securing most of Bataan Peninsula by 21 February 1945.

A battalion of the 151st Infantry was detached to relieve the 503d Parachute Infantry on Corregidor 24 February 1945 and assigned to garrison the island 8 March. The division moved to Fort Stotsenburg on 10 March and relieved the 43rd Infantry Division there. It then pushed west to destroy entrenched Japanese forces between the fort and Mt. Pinatubo. Battalion-sized landings were conducted in the meantime by the 151st Infantry at Caballo Island and Fort Drum (El Fraile Island) on 28 March, and Carabao island on 16 April.

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