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2-131st Field Artillery Battalion

The 2-131 Field Artillery has 18 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) launchers, the King of Battle's primary weapon for the deep fight. Each can carry 12 individually fired rockets with ranges between eight and 32 kilometers. Just one 270-mm rocket can contain high explosive submunitions with the power to destroy, neutralize or suppress an entire football field As an option of greater range, accuracy and firepower, the MLRS can carry two ATACMS issiles instead of its normal, 12-rocket load They can travel 100 kilometers or more.

The Texas National Guard's 2nd Battalion, 131st Field Artillery Regiment and Delta Battery, 2/20th Field Artillery, are the first units in the Guard to field the MLRS system.

The 2-131 FA works closely with its active duty, parent units: 1st Cavalry Division and 4th Infantry Division at Ft Hood, Tx. Both divisions have one MLRS battalion assigned to each.

The 2nd Battalion, 131st Field Artillery, a National Guard unit from Texas, was dubbed "the Lost Battalion" because their whereabouts were unknown during World War II. On January 11, 1942, 35 days after the outbreak of War with Japan, the Battalion was on Java, the only US ground combat Unit to reach the Netherland East Indies, before the Dutch capitulated to the Japanese. The whole battalion was captured by the Japanese Army on March 8, 1942 on the island of Java. The battalion was called "The Texas Lost Battalion" as they seemed to just disappear for 3 1/2 years. (42 Months). They were prisoners until August 29, 1945. They were sent directly to Japan soon after their capture and then on to Burma to be used as slave labor on the Burma Railroad (The Burma Siam Death Railway). This was the railway depicted in the book and movie, "Bridge on the River Kwai".

The 131st Field Artillery, Texas National Guard was a part of the famed Thirty-sixth Division known so well from World War I.

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