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2nd Battalion - 126th Aviation Regiment

Eight refurbished UH-60-A Blackhawks were transferred from units in Europe to the Delaware Guard by June 2002. Aviators in C Company of the 2nd Battalion, 126th Aviation Regiment were glad to have new aircraft when they arrived in June 2002. They said they continued to fly the other Hueys after the Blackhawks arrive. As of early 2002 only about five of the Guard's 23 UH-1 Hueys can fly at one time. The others are grounded. Delaware's Hueys date from 1967 to 1970, making the helicopters older than some of the crews who fly and service them.

The limited number of operational Hueys make it difficult for pilots to get the flying time they need and also reduces the number of simultaneous missions the state can complete. In preparation for the switch to Blackhawks, pilots and ground crews are currently either being retrained or getting refresher courses.

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