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1st Personnel Services Battalion

In September 2002, the 1st Peronnel Services Battalion was inactivated. The Battalion's remaining detachments were to be reorganized under a different III Corps personnel battalion.

The 1st Personnel Services Battalion's mission was to on order, deploy by air, rail and/or sea, establish a personnel services battalion area of operations, provide direct personnel service support to designated unitsm be prepared to relocate the battalion, provide for the defense, security and life support of all assigned and attached personnel, and, on order, redeploy upon completion of the mission.

The 1st Personnel Services Battalion was originally constituted on 1 June 1944 in the Army of the United States as the 518th Replacement Company and activated 20 June 1944 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, with the mission of inprocessing of new soldiers for the 82nd Airborne Division. After World War II, the company was then inactivated 3 October 1945 at Camp Stoneman, California.

On 27 September 1951, the Company was allotted to the regular army and reactivated in order to provide personnel support in Japan and Pacific area on 7 November 1951. The Company was again inactivated on 10 May 1954.

In order to provide personnel service support in Vietnam, the Company was reorganization, redesignated, and reactivated as the 518th Personnel Company on 23 March 1966, at Fort Dix, New Jersey. In Vietnam on 18 March 1973, the Company was inactivated.

On 1 October 1985, the Company was reactivated as the 1st Personnel Services Company, supporting the 1st Infantry Division at Fort Riley, Kansas. In 1990 and 1991, the unit deployed in order to provide personnel service support in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.

On 16 January 1995, the unit was reorganized and redesignated as the 1st Personnel Services Battalion. Technically assigned to the 3rd Personnel Group, III Corps at Fort Hood, Texas, the 1st Personnel Services Battalion was under the administrative control of the 937th Engineer Group while in garrison at Fort Riley, Kansas.

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