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197th Field Artillery Brigade

The mission of the field artillery brigade headquarters and headquarters battery is to provide command, control, and administrative supervision for between two and five subordinate field artillery battalions.

The battery consists of a Command Section, a Battery Headquarters, a Headquarters Support Section, the Tactical Operations Center, a Communications Platoon, a Food Service Section, a Maintenance Section, a Meteorological Section, a Unit Ministry Team, and a Survey Planning Coordination Element.

The Command Section includes the Brigade Commander and his immediate staff. The Headquarters Support Section is responsible for the coordination of all brigade supply, maintenance, and personnel services. . The Battery Headquarters includes the Battery Commander and his First Sergeant. They ensure that the Tactical Operations Center is supported.

The Tactical Operations Center (TOC) is the Operations Element, Fire Control Element, a Targeting Element, and two liaison teams. The TOC hums with activity 24 hours a day. The TOC prepares battle plans, and controls the movement of the field artillery battalions. The TOC also tracks the deployment of enemy forces, particularly high-priority targets. Most importantly, the TOC controls the firing of the assigned field artillery battalions. In special cases, the TOC can direct the fires of every assigned howitzer (up to 108 when there are six battalions) to strike the same target simultaneously! The TOC sends out liaison teams to higher headquarters or supported units to coordinate plans and share information. Effective communications with subordinate battalions, supported units, and higher headquarters are critical to the TOC's operation.

The Communications Platoon ensures that this communication occurs. They have a wire section and a radio section. The wire section runs telephone wire to all field artillery battalions assigned to the brigade and throughout the brigade headquarters area. A Radio Section retransmits signals for long-distance FM radio traffic and maintains and repairs communications equipment. Radio gear includes facsimile machines and Mobile Subscriber Equipment, which use satellite links. The brigade's radio traffic occurs over secure channels.

The Unit Ministry Team performs religious services for the battery soldiers. They also conduct counseling services as well.

The Meteorological Section uses weather balloons to track wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, and humidity at various levels of the atmosphere. They relay this information to the field artillery battalions. Atmospheric conditions can influence the accuracy of artillery rounds as they travel towards their target. The Meteorological Section's data allows adjustments to be made to firing instructions to the guns to ensure accuracy.

The Food Service Section operates a Mobile Kitchen Trailer (MKT) to provide hot, nutritious meals for the battery.

The Maintenance Section performs scheduled service and repairs on the battery's many vehicles and generators. They can also perform recovery operations of stuck, or broken-down equipment. The maintenance section mechanics keeps the brigade headquarters rolling.

The Survey Planning Coordination Element maintains maps and map overlays showing surveys completed, planned, and in progress by assigned battalions survey parties. They maintain files of survey control points and provide survey data for battalion survey parties. Survey activities ensure accurate placement of the guns, which in turn ensures firing accuracy.

One can find the following military occupational specialties in New Hampshire's 197th Field Artillery Brigade Headquarters and Headquarters Battery:

  • 13 Series, Field Artillery. The positions in this category are: IFSAS Operations Specialist (13C) Cannon Fire Direction Specialist (13E), Fire Support Specialist (13F), Field Artillery Senior Sergeant (13Z), and Field Artillery Surveyor (82C)
  • 29 Series, Signal Maintenance. The position in this category is: Telecommunications Terminal Device Repairer (29J)
  • 31 Series, Signal Operations. The positions in this category are: Network Switching Operator/Maintainer (31F), Wire Systems Installer (31L), and Signal Support System Specialist (31U)
  • 54 Series, Chemical. The position in this category is: Chemical Operations Specialist (54B)
  • 63 Series, Mechanical Maintenance. The positions in this category are: Light-Wheel Vehicle Mechanic (63B), Utilities Equipment Repairer (52C), and Power Generation Equipment Repairer (52D)
  • 71 Series, Administration. The positions in this category are: Legal Specialist (71D), Administrative Specialist (71L), Chaplain Assistant (71M), Personnel Administrative Specialist (75B), and Personnel Sergeant (75Z)
  • 77 Series, Petroleum and Water. The authorized position in this category is: Petroleum Supply Specialist (77F)
  • 92 Series, Supply and Services. The positions in this category are: Automated Logistical Specialist (92A), Food Service Specialist (92G), and Unit Supply Specialist (92Y)
  • 93 Series, Aviation Operations. There are eight authorized positions in this category in HHB 197 FA, Field Artillery Meteorological Crewmember (93F)
  • 96 Series, Military Intelligence. The position in this category is: Intelligence Analyst (96B)

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