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145th Regiment (Regional Training Institute)

Located at Rickenbacker Army Enclave in Columbus, the Ohio Regional Training Institute (RTI) provides leadership, military occupational specialty qualification (MOSQ) and quality initiative training to fulfill current and future requirements of the Ohio Army National Guard and the Region E Total Army School System. The RTI can provide concurrent training for nearly 200 students in eight small and two large classrooms. To accommodate student housing, construction on a two-story barracks adjacent to the RTI facility was completed this fiscal year.

The RTI is organized with an Armor Battalion, a General Studies Battalion and a Janus Simulation Team.

The Armor Battalion is responsible for conducting armor training for a six-state region under the Total Army School System. With its active proponent school located at Fort Knox, KY, the Armor Battalion provides quality assurance for all armor courses conducted at each of the RTIs within the six states of Region E. In 1998, the Armor Battalion received accreditation to train MOSQ for soldiers in 19D 10, cavalry scout Phase I and II and 19K10, M-1 tank crewman Phase I. In 1999, the Armor Battalion conducted its first 19D BNCOC course and is scheduled for accreditation in TY01.

The General Studies Battalion is comprised of three companies. The OCS Company conducts the Officer Candidate School, the Platoon Leader Readiness Course and the Company Commander Readiness Course. The Leadership Company teaches the Phase I, Common Core of both the Basic and Advanced Noncommissioned Officers Courses (BNCOC and ANCOC), as well as the Army Instructor Training Course and the Small Group Instructor Training Course. The Combat Arms Company is responsible for conducting Phase I, Inactive Duty Training schools for combat arms military occupational specialty (MOS) training, such as for fire support specialists and Avenger crewmen.

During TY00, the Janus Team conducted four instructor operator classes and four exercises. During two of its exercises, personnel from the states of Alabama and Pennsylvania as well as Janus contractors from Fort Knox visited to observe some of the innovations the Janus Team has incorporated into their program. Additionally, the Janus Team conducted training seminars for two units in the Military Decision-Making Process during this past year.

During TY00, the RTI graduated approximately 500 soldiers. The Armor Battalion graduated 46; the OCS Company graduated 52 in the Company Level Pre-Command Course and 22 officer candidates; and the Leadership Company graduated 116 NCOES students and 156 in the instructor courses. The RTI also partnered with State Area Command, Detachment 6 (Medical), to train 22 combat life savers.

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