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142d Support Center (RTOC)

Rear operations support tactical forces in contact, guaranteeing freedom of maneuver, continuity of support, and uninterrupted command and control. On the linear battlefield these actions occur behind forces engaged in active combat. On the non-linear battlefield they occur in the support base areas. Rear operations are characterized by a wide dispersion of multi-functional units conducting a variety of missions around-the-clock. Rear areas may be small in a sparse theater as in operations other than war (OOTW), or large in a mature theater as during general war. In OOTW, with tactical operations arrayed through 360 degrees, the "rear area" refers to the area designated as the support base.

The synchronization of rear operations is the responsibility of a Rear Tactical Operations Center (RTOC), a Rear Area Operations Centers (RAOC), or a Rear Command Post (RCP). Rear Tactical Operations Center (RTOC) is the primary staff element for planning and coordinating rear area security operations. Rear Area Operations Center (RAOC) is a subordinate command post in or near the rear tactical command post concerned with terrain management and security operations.

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