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138th Regiment (Regional Training Institute)

The 138th Regiment provides regionalized combat arms, leadership, military occupational specialty (MOS), additional skill identifier (ASI), noncommissioned officer education system (NCOES), and general studies training for the Army National Guard (ARNG), United States Army Reserve (USAR), and the Active Component (AC). The 138th Regiment monitors and coordinates academic instruction, food, and lodging (where available) for soldiers participating in courses and training at its training sites.

The 138th Regiment works in conjunction with the National Guard Bureau (NGB), the TRADOC Coordinating Element (TCE), the Regional Coordinating Element (RCE), the USAR Division (Individual Training) [Div(IT)], and the TRADOC proponent schools. The 138th Regiment plans and programs training within its region based on requirements identified by the individual training branch (NGB-ARO-TI), the Army Program for Individual Training (ARPRINT) and the Training Requirements Arbitration Plan (TRAP).

The 138th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry was organized at Indianapolis, Ind., and mustered in May 27, 1864. Ordered to Tennessee and assigned to Railroad Guard duty in Tennessee and Alabama, Dept. of the Cumberland, to September. Mustered out September 22, 1864.

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