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115th Military Police Battalion (EPW/CI)

Soldiers of the 115th Military Polica Battalion were activated almost immediately after the attacks on September 11, 2001. Approximately 250 soldiers from the 115th began their deployment the next day at the Pentagon. Units HHC as well as the 200th and the 290th MP Companies all went to the Pentagon. By late october 2001, some members of the 1st Battalion, 115th Infantry were sent to support Fort Bragg, NC, and other federal installations.

After helping with security at the Pentagon, the 115th was called up to go to Fort Stewart, GA, where the unit went through a validation exercise aimed at helping train soldiers of the 115th on how to perform force protection and refresh the soldiers' force protection skills. Once the exercise was over, soldiers of the 115th began putting that training to good use in force protection operations at Ft. Stewart. While performing force protection at Fort Stewart, some soldiers of the 115th were, around December 10, 2001, called on again to go to the Pentagon. About 160 soldiers deployed there on December 13.

In early January 2002, approximately 82 soldiers from the HHC element of the 115th MP Battalion deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where they were assigned to work for the Joint Detention Operation Group, as part of the U.S. military force that is guarding and caring for the al-Qaida and Taliban detainees at Camp X-Ray. The Maryland Army Guard soldiers were part of a battalion-size force of soldiers and Marines committed to guarding and looking after the multi-national detainees confined in separate, temporary cells at Camp X-Ray. While some of the Guard soldiers help guard the detainees within the compound, the Marylanders are principally responsible for keeping the detainees' personnel records. They were replaced in June 2002 by the 160th MP Battalion.

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