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111th Area Support Group

The 111th Area Support Group is located at the Bee Cave Armory in Austin, Texas. It is part of the 71st Troop Command of the Texas Army National Guard. While the majority of the unit's members live in the greater Austin area, many others do not, traveling from as far away as Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Killeen, or the Rio Grande Valley to maintain their membership in the unit.

111th ASG unit members normally train one weekend a month, and perform 15 days of active duty during the year. The unit has, in the past, frequently performed that active duty period in Germany, working closely with the unit's sister unit, the 29th Area Support Group, under the command of the 21st Theater Army Area Command (TAACOM).

The 111th ASG has many subordinate units located throughout the state of Texas. The men and women of these units perform a wide variety of missions in support of our mission. Many of these units were mobilized for Operation Desert Storm or Operation Joint Guard.

The range of military operations encompasses operations in peacetime, conflict, and war. Area Support Groups support operations across the range of military operations. Though ASG elements function in a peacetime environment, they must be ready to quickly transition from peace to operations other than war and war.

ASG units may provide support to combat-ready forces in their crisis support or power projection role. Selected ASG elements may augment the Corps Support Command (COSCOM) or Division Support Command (DISCOM) when support requirements exceed their support capabilities. They may deploy from a forward presence site in response to a crisis or remain at that forward site to receive and process follow-on forces. (note: this is the mission that the 111th ASG performed when mobilized for Operation Joint Guard, the Bosnian peacekeeping mission, in 1997).

ASGs may tailor a slice of support to set up a forward support base or provide support at an intermediate staging area. ASG units may also locate ina friendly nation outside the supported Commander-in-Chief's (CINC's) region or operate a support base from amphibious shipping or mobile sea bases.

An Area Support Group consists of:

  • The Area Support Group Headquarters Company
  • The Command Section
  • Personnel and Administration Directorate
  • Security, Plans, and Operations Directorate
  • Support Operations Directorate
  • Host Nations Support Directorate
  • Staff Judge Advocate Section
  • Unit Ministry Team

The number and type of units that fall under the ASG's command will vary, depending on whether the unit is supporting a mission other than war or a wartime mission.

The 111th Area Support Group was constituted in the Texas National Guard on 30 May 1917, with Headquarters at Houston, and motor truck companies at Dallas, Austin, Houston, and Big Springs.

The 111th was drafted into Federal service on 5 August 1917, redesignated as the 117th Supply Train, and assigned to the 42d Infantry (Rainbow) Division for service during World War I.

At the end of the war, the unit demobilized at Camp Bowie, Texas, on 15 May 1919. The 117th Supply Train and the 111th Supply Train were reconstituted, consolidated, and reorganized as the 36th Division Train on 21 June 1927, at Austin, Texas.

The unit was reorganized and redesignated on 9 April 1936, as the 111th Quartermaster Regiment - an element of the 36th Infantry Division.

The 111th was inducted into Federal service again on 25 November 1940, and was reorganized and redesignated as the 111th Quartermaster Battalion, an element of the 36th Infantry Division. Remaining an element of the 36th Infantry Division, the unit was again reorganized and redesignated as the 36th Quartermaster Company on 1 November 1942, for World War II service. The unit mustered out of federal service on 20 December 1945.

On 1 March 1963, the unit was converted and redesignated as the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 111th Supply and Transport Battalion, and five years later reorganized as the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 111th Transportation Group.

The 111th was consolidated on 1 November 1971 with the 49th Transportation Detachment. The unit was relocated to Del Valle, Texas on 1 October 1972.

On 1 April 1975, with the consolidation of the 111th and the 122d Transportation Company, the unit was converted and redesignated as the 111th Area Support Group. The 111th was relocated to its present home station on 1 September 1977.

The 111th mobilized under a Presidential Selected Reserve Call-up on 18 July 1997 for service in Operation Joint Guard with duty in Hungary, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. In the spirit of the Minutemen of Lexington and Concord who left their homes and families to serve their nation, 130 soldiers of the 111th Area Support Group, Texas Army National Guard deployed from Austin, Texas, on July 20, 1997. Their mission: proceed to Taszr Air Base, Hungary where they would, for the next eight months, operate the main staging area for American operations into and out of Bosnia as part of Operation Joint Guard, the NATO peacekeeping mission in Bosnia.

August 15th marked the Transfer of Authority from the 213th Area Support Group to the 111th Area Support Group. The 111th ASG had command and control over the United States Army Intermediate Staging Base (ISB) located at Taszr Air Base, near Kaposvar, Hungary. The ISB is the main staging area for all operations into and out of Bosnia and Croatia. The 111th ASG is responsible for the reception, staging, and onward movement of all troops passing through our area of operations (AO). All American units deploying to or from Bosnia and Croatia will pass through the Taszr ISB. Units enter the ISB while enroute to Bosnia or Croatia and undergo a four day process during which they are prepared to meet the requirements of the theater and their mission.

The marshalling area at the ISB fills up with a wide variety of military vehicles as the units undergo the deployment process. We were happy to open a special food tent in the marshalling area so that the troops who were passing through would not have to make a special trip to the mess hall. At the conclusion of this period, the units are certified as mission-capable, and released to their destination downrange.

Units departing from Bosnia/Croatia undergo a similar process, but in reverse. The 111th certifies that these units are ready to return to their home station, either in the United States or Central Europe. Over 1,400 troops from several units assist us in providing support to the units that pass through the ISB.

The 111th's area of operations included parts of Croatia, a country that was not totally spared the hardship of war in recent years.

On 03 March 1998 the Transfer of Authority from the 111th ASG to the 16th Corps Support Group (CSG) allowed the Texans to prepare for the trip home. On 15 March 1998, after two days of outprocessing at Camp Mabry, the headquarters of the Texas Military Forces, the men and women of the 111th Area Support Group were released to their friends and families. The unit demobilized at Austin, Texas on 13 April 1998.

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