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1111th Signal Battalion

The 1111th Signal Battalion plans, installs, operates, maintains and protects C4 and visual information systems in support of the warfighting CINCs, National Military Command Center Site R, Department of Defense, and non-DOD agencies during war and peacetime.

Headquarters and Headquarters Company consists of the Battalion Staff: S1-Personnel and Administration; S2-Security; S3-Information Assurance, Operations, DCS Technical Control Facility, Information Center, Plans, Installations,Training, COMSEC, and Exercises; and S4-Maintenance and Logistics.

Company A is comprised of the Satellite Communications Platoon; Voice Communications Platoon; and the Electronic Maintenance Platoon. Company A exercises supervision and day-to-day operational direction over company elements engaged in the management and operation of automated digital message communications and record database management systems; voice, radio, and satellite communications systems; television production and maintenance of video and visual display systems, in support of the Department of the Army staff and Alternate Joint Communications Center tenants. Provides command, control, personnel administration, logistical support, training, billeting, health and welfare of all soldiers.

Company B consists of the Computer Complex Ravenrock Platoon; the Transmission Systems Platoon; Visual Information Platoon; and the Switched Systems Platoon. The company also operates an Antenna Maintenance and Installation Section. These personnel deploy and service antennas across CONUS, Alaska, Korea, Caribbean, and Panama. The battalion has an extensive communications security facility in order to support the wide range of tenants. Company B, 1111th Signal Battalion, installs, operates command and control, communications, and computer systems and provides general and direct maintenance support to the Alternate Joint Communications Center and other government agencies.

55th Signal Company holds the proud distinction of being the only active duty Combat Camera unit in the Unites States Army. The mission is to install, operate, and maintain tactical visual information systems in order to provide theater level commanders situational awareness and decision making visual documentation of ground, sea, and air operations of United States, allied, and hostile armed forces during combat, combat support operations, and related peacetime training activities. The 55th Signal Company provides visual imagery acquisition and exploitation support to satisfy the operational requirement of the theater Army headquarters and other major and subordinate headquarters of Army field units at theater echelons above corps, and joint headquarters when required. The unit provides tailored visual information products, including graphics and video reports, in support of operational requirements. We provide historical documentation in support of the Army Visual Information Documentation Program. Our mission is also to provide visual information, visual information processing, maintenance, and repair support to field Army units beyond the capability of those units.

The 1111th Signal Battalion plans and assists customers with exercises. The battalion also plans life cycle replacement of communications equipment and assists with planning communications requirements within the site, and supports DOD and non-DOD agencies with Shared Resources network participation.

1111th Signal Battalion members are proud to be "Signal Masters of the Rock!"

In 1950, President Truman approved Raven Rock Mountain, Pennsylvania, as part of Camp Albert Ritchie, Maryland. This new site was named the Alternate Joint Communications Center (AJCC) Site R (R for Raven Rock).

In 1951, construction of the facility began.

In 1953, the AJCC Site R became operational.

Between 1953 and 1971, the Army communications element at Site R provided communications support to Site R tenants as a direct reporting unit of the U.S. Army Joint Support Command.

In 1971, as part of the Strategic Communications Command move to Fort Ritchie, the communications unit was redesignated as the Directorate of Telecommunications under the Fort Ritchie Garrison Commander.

In 1976, the unit was redesignated as the U.S. Army Communications Command (USACC) Site R Telecommunications Center, a direct reporting element to the 7th Signal Command.

In 1978, the unit was moved back under the command of the Fort Ritchie Garrison as the Directorate of Telecommunications.

In October 1981, USACC Site R Telecommunications Center was reorganized and redesignated as USACC Site R under Headquarters, 7th Signal Command.*

In May 1984, USACC Site R was redesignated as U.S. Army Information Systems Command-Site R (USAISC-Site R), remaining as a direct reporting unit to 7th Signal Command.*

In October 1988, USAISC-Site R was redesignated as the 1111th U.S. Army Signal Battalion* and placed under the 1101st U.S. Army Signal Brigade, Fort Leslie J. McNair, Washington, DC., as the Army support battalion responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and communications of the AJCC Site R.

In October 1993, the 1111th U.S. Army Signal Battalion was placed under the 1108th U.S. Army Signal Brigade, Fort Ritchie, Maryland. Most base operations activities were removed from the battalion's mission, leaving communications as the primary unit mission.

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