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Special Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team
"Iroquois/Strength of the Warrior"

The Brigade Special Troops Battalion (BSTB) commands and controls the separate companies and attachments of the Brigade Combat Team (BCT) in full spectrum operations. The BSTB is organized with a headquarters and headquarters company, an engineer company, a military intelligence company, a signal company and a military police platoon. The BSTB trains organic units and provides C2, administrative/logistical operations, and force health protection to organic and attached units.

The Deactivation of 110th Military Intelligence Battalion resulted in the Activation of 1st Brigade Support Troops Battalion on 20 September 2004. During the first quarter of 2005, the 1st BSTB began training and fielding on newer equipment, in preparation for JRTC trainup.

A part of the US Army's modular force structure transformation included the creation of Brigade Special Troops Battalions. These units were designed to provide organic signals, engineering, military intelligence, military police, and other support which had historically been achieved by the habitual attachment of companies and platoons from units assigned to parent divisions. As a result of this transformation in the 10th Mountain Division, A Company, 41st Engineer Battalion was reflagged as A Company, 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion (BSTB). A Company, 110th Military Intelligence Battalion was reflagged B Company, 1st BSTB. C Company, 10th Signal Battalion was reflagged C Company, 1st BSTB. Finally HHC, 110th Military Intelligence Battalion was reflagged HHC, 1st BSTB, to which a platoon of Military Police was formally integrated, having previously belonged to the inactivated 10th Military Police Company.

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