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10th Military Police Battalion (Provisional)
"Mountain Guardians"

On 20 October 2005 the Provisional Battalion was inactivated and its headquarters element reflagged as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 91st Military Police Battalion, which was concurrently activated. 511th Military Police Company became part of the 91st Military Police Battalion. The 10th Military Police Company and 177th Military Police Detachment were inactivated.

The 10th Military Police Battalion (Provisional) was formed on 1 May 1990 to provide a provisional command and control headquarters for the 3 military police companies at Fort Drum, New York and the Fort Drum Provost Marshal Office. The soldiers and civilians serving the 10th Military Police Battalion provided multilateral support to the 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum. They subsequently saw service in the Sinai, Desert Storm, Panama, Somalia, Florida, Haiti and Bosnia. The 10th Military Police Battalion was comprised of the 177th Military Police Detachment, the 511th Military Police Company, and the 10th Military Police Company.

The Headquarters element traced it lineage back to the inception of Pine Camp and could most likely tie itself to the 68th Military Police Detachment, which was activated in February 1975. The 68th Military Police Detachment evolved into the Law Enforcement Activity as Camp Drum grew into Fort Drum. Initially under the administrative control of the 10th Mountain Division, the unit was placed under the administrative control of the 10th Sustainment Brigade following the transformation of the 10th Mountain Division to the US Army's modular force structure beginning in 2004. The Battalion was technically subordinate to the 16th Military Police Brigade (Airborne), XVIII Corps (Airborne) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

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