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109th Quartermaster Company (Petroleum Operating)

The 109th Quartermaster Company is one of only three units within the U.S. Army which can which can design, construct, and operate up to ninety miles of high pressure petroleum pipeline in conjunction with a tactical petroleum terminal to receive, issue and store bulk petroleum products in a wartime environment.

The other two units are the 267th Quartermaster Company, located at Fort Lee, VA, and the 19th Quartermaster at Fort Story, Virginia Beach, VA.

The 109th Quartermaster Company was originally organized on 16 June 1914 in the Regular Army at Texas City, TX, as Bakery Company No. 2. It was redesignated on 22 January 1921 as the 2nd Bakery Company.

The unit was reorganized and redesignated on 1 May 1935 as Company A, 96th Quartermaster Battalion; on 4 July 1942 as Company A, 96th Quartermaster Bakery Battalion; and on 15 October 1943 as the 109th Quartermaster Bakery Company. It inactivated on 10 November 1946 on Okinawa.

Redesignated on 13 August 1951 as the 109th Quartermaster Service Company, it activated on 20 November 1951 at Fort Richardson, AK, where it inactivated on 1 January 1953.

Redesignated on 23 May 1955 as the 109th Quartermaster Company, it activated on 8 June 1955 at Fort Lee, VA. The unit inactivated on 31 January 1972 in Vietnam.

The company activated on 1 October 1981 at Fort Lee, VA.

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