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106th Transportation Battalion
"First Among Equals"

On 6 August 2009, the Department of the Army announced a series of planned unit activations, inactivations, and realignments at four installations. This included the planned inactivation of the 106th Transportation Battalion. In 2010, the 106th Transportation Battalion was inactivated.

The mission of the 106th Transportation Battalion was to deploy and assist in the deployment of units worldwide, and provide continuous support to the XVIII Airborne Corps, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell Installation Units and units throughout the full range of operations.

The distinctive unit insignia was originally approved on 29 Aug 1966. The description and symbolism were revised on 13 May 1993. It consists of a black disc bearing three gold fleurs-de-lis at the top and at center between the pinions of a pair of gold wings displayed and conjoined a gold wheel of eight spokes, the axle and spaces between spokes in red, and on each wing tip a brick red fleur-de-lis. Attached below the disc a gold scroll inscribed "PRIMUS INTER PARES" (First Among Equals) in brick red. Brick red and yellow are colors traditionally associated with the Transportation Corps. The wings and wheel represent rapid and efficient transportation by wheeled vehicles. The motto refers to the hauling record achieved by the Battalion. The fleurs-de-lis denote participation in 5 campaigns in Europe during World War II. Black, taken from the flag of Germany, is for the 3 campaign participations on German soil.

The 106th Transportation Battalion traces its lineage back to when it was first constituted on 25 February 1943 on the Army of the United States as HHD, 2nd Battalion, 552nd Quartermaster Truck Regiment, which was formally activated on 15 APRIL 1943 at Fort Dix, New Jersey. The unit was reorganzied and redesignated on 20 NOVEMBER 1943 as HHD 106th Quartermaster Battalion (Mobile). This unit was inactivated on 22 February 1946 in Munich, Germany.

The 106th was coverted and redesignated on 1 August 1946 as HHD 106th Transportation Corps Truck Battalion. It was redesignated on 1 February 1955 as HHC, 106th Transportation Battalion and alloted to the Regular Army and reorganized and redesignated again on 19 June 1959 as HHD 106th Transportation Battalion. This unit was inactivated on 15 September 1993 in Russelseim, Germany.

The 106th was reactivated on 18 September 1998 at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, assigned to the 101st Corps Support Group, 101st Airborne Division.

The 106th Transportation Battalion had elements of the 372nd Cargo Transfer Unit and the 594th Medium Truck Company deploy in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan from January 2002 through September 2002.

The 106th Transportation Battalion deployed to Kuwait on 19 January 2003 and redeployed on 12 July 2003. Its mission was to provide theater transportation support to US and Coalition Forces during Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. During the Operations the Battalion provided command and control for 10 transportation units. At the start of the war the Battalion comprised over 1,500 combat ready soldiers.These units were:

  • Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 106th Transportation Battalion
  • 68th Transportation Company and
  • 109th Transportation Company (MDM) from Manheim, Germany
  • 96th Transportation Company (HETT) from Ft Hood, Texas
  • 126th Transportation Company (PLS) from Ft Bragg, North Carolina
  • 233rd Transportation Company (HET) from Ft Knox, Ft Benning and Ft Stewart
  • 513th Transportation Company from Ft Lewis, Washington
  • 567th Transportation Company from Ft Eustis, Virginia
  • 594th Transportation Company and
  • 1454th Transportation Company from Rockford South Carolina

Battalion elements crossed the LD during the Major Combat Phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom at early G+1. These elements provided the lifeline of supplies to combat and combat support units in order to maintain the offensive toward Baghdad. The 106th Transportation Battalion's units delivered supplies and equipment to destinations such as:

  • Camp Buccaha (Near Um Qasr)
  • LSA Viper
  • LSA Cedar
  • Tallil Airbase (Near An An Nasrayi)
  • LSA Bushmaster
  • LSA Dogwood
  • LSA Cheste
  • CSC Scania
  • Baghdad International Airport (IAP)
  • Baghdad
  • FLB Resolute (Near Garma)
  • LSA Anaconda (Near Balad)

Significant achievements for the Battalion during the operations included: Accumulation of over 5 million miles without loss of life or limb; establishment of Convoy Support Center Navistar, which was the launching point for all convoys into Iraq; and planning and preparation of Convoy Support Center Cedar II near An Nasirayha, Iraq.

In May 2004, HHD 106th Transpotation recieved orders back to the CENTCOM Area of Operations. On 23 September 2004, the 106th Transportation deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2.5 and 04-06. Its mission was to provide theater line-haul transportation support to US and Coalition Forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom. On 15 October 2004, the Battalion conducted a transfer of authority ceremony with the 812th Transportation Battalion and officially took over. During this operation the Battalion provided Command and Control of 10 Transportation units, 2 Trailer Tranfer Detachments, 1 Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, and a Convoy Escort Platform Company (Provisional). The Battalion consisted of over 1,660 soldiers during the deployment. These units were the following:

  • Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment from Ft Campbell, Kentucky
  • 172nd Transportation Company from Omaha, Nebraska
  • 227th Transportation Company from Albermarie, North Carolina
  • 424th Transportation Company from Galax, Virginia
  • 483rd Trailer Transfer Detachment from Ft Bragg, North Carolina
  • 518th Convoy Escort Platform Company (Provisional)
  • 591st Trailer Transfer Detachment from Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • 1075th Transportation Company of the Nebraska National Guard from Lincoln, Nebraska
  • 1450th Transportation Company of the North Carolina National Guard from Lenoir, North Carolina
  • 1486th Transportation Company of the Ohio National Guard from Ashland, Ohio
  • 1487th Transportation Company of the Ohio National Guard from Eaton, Ohio
  • 1644th Transportation Company of the Illinois National Guard
  • 1864th Transportation Company of the Nevada National Guard from Henderson, Nevada
  • 2168th Transportation Company of the Iowa National Guard from Sheldon, Iowa

The 106th Transportation Battalion's units delivered supplies and equipment to the following destinations:

  • Camp Buccaha (Near Um Qasr)
  • CSC Cedar
  • Tallil Airbase
  • LSA Bushmaster
  • LSA Dogwood
  • CSC Scania
  • Baghdad IAP
  • Baghdad
  • FLB Resolute (Near Garma)
  • LSA Anaconda (Near Balad)
  • Camp Taji
  • FOB Marez
  • FOB Warrior
  • Q-West
  • T-Q
  • Al-Asad
  • Camp Smitty

On 12 September 2005 the 106th Transportation Battalion transferred authority to the 180th Transpotation Battalion at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, and prepared to return to Fort Campbell, Kentucky. The 106th Transportation Battalion returned to take part in the transformation of the entire 101st Airborne Division to the US Army's new modular force structure. A part of this transformation involved the reorganization of divisional support elements and their relationships. Elements of the 101st Division Support Command (DISCOM) were deactivated and reactivated assigned to the Division's 4 brigades. Other elements of DISCOM and the 101st Corps Support Group, including the 106th Transportation Battalion, were deactivated and reactivated as part of the reorganized 101st Sustainment Brigade. The reactivated 106th Transportation Battalion included the HHC/541st Transportation Company, 594th Transportation Maintenance Company, 372nd Transportation Company, 63rd Chemical Company, 613th Movement Control Team, 632nd Movement Control Team, and 887th Engineer Company (LE).

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