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1st Battalion - 61st Infantry Regiment

The missino of the 1st Battalion, 61st Infantry Regiment, is to conduct Basic Combat Training (BCT) for volunteers and turn them into highly motivated, disciplined, physically fit soldiers trained in basic soldier skills who espouse the Army's seven core values and understand the importance of teamwork.

The 61st Regiment was constituted in the Regular Army on May 15, 1917 as Company A, 61st Infantry, and organized at Gettysburg National Park, PA, on June 10, 1917. On November 17, 1917, the 61st Infantry was assigned to the 5th Division. It was with the 5th Division when the unit received its first taste of combat. The Regiment deployed to Europe during World War I, during which time it was awarded four battle streamers for its gallant participation in the bloody campaigns of Saint Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, Alsace and Lorraine in 1918.

Following the end of the war, the 61st returned to South Carolina to Camp Jackson, where it was inactivated on September 2, 1921. The unit was relieved from assignment with the 5th Division and assigned to the 8th Division on August 15, 1927. On October 1, 1933, the 6th Infantry was relieved from assignment to the 8th Division and again assigned to the 5th Division.

The unit was disbanded November 11, 1944. On August 10, 1950, the 6th Infantry was reconstituted in the Regular Army as Company A, 6th Infantry, an element of the 8th Infantry Division. It was activated on August 17, 1950 at Fort Jackson, SC.

After a period of activation, inactivation and reassignments spanning over a period of 18 years, the unit was once again inactivated on September 1, 1956 at Fort Carson, CO, and was concurrently relieved from assignment to the 8th Infantry Division. On January 17, 1962, Company A, 6th Infantry was redesignated as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 61st Infantry Regiment. HHC 1-61 Infantry was assigned to the 5th Infantry Division and activated at Fort Carson, CO (organic elements constituted and activated) on February 19, 1962. The unit was reassigned to the 4th Infantry on August 2, 1971, and assigned back to the 5th Division August 21, 1974. HHC 1-61 was inactivated on June 19, 1989 at Fort Polk, LA, and relieved from assignment to the 5th Infantry Division.

The unit received several awards and decorations during the Vietnam conflict, which include the Valorous Unit Award, two Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry awards and a Civil Action Honor Medal. After reorganizing again for the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, the unit was transferred to the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command and organized at Fort Jackson June 13, 1993 to fulfill its current role in conducting Basic Combat Training for initial entry soldiers.

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