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1st Battalion, 293d Infantry Regiment

1st Battalion - 293d Infantry will organize, equip and train to be ready to deploy anywhere in the world prepared to conduct military operations. The battalion is part of the 76th Infantry Brigade (Separate). The brigade is one of only 15 enhanced readiness brigades in the nation. As an enhanced brigade, it is a vital component of the nation's defense strategy. Because of this high priority, the unit receives more funding than other guard units. This means more schooling, training opportunities and the fielding of the latest equipment for the battalion.

The 1st Battalion- 293rd Infantry traces it's lineage to 1846. Existing companies of militia were formed as the 1st Regiment, Indiana Volunteers of the Indiana Brigade to answer the call to halt Mexican aggression along the border. Serving under, then Brigadier General Zachary Taylor, the citizen soldiers from Indiana fought a desperate battle at Buena Vista. The Indiana Regiment found themselves in the farthest forward position of the American line as two Mexican Divisions launched their assault.. For almost an hour the Hoosier soldiers held the line against repeated attacks by Santa Anna's soldiers. The outcome of the fierce battle was yet to be decided when, along with the 1st Mississippi Rifles, the Hoosiers counterattacked under the leadership of Colonel Jefferson Davis. The Mexican attack was halted and ended any further threat to the lower Rio Grande region. It would be less than fifteen years later when Indiana's soldiers would fight not with, but against, both Mississippi and Davis.

In April 1861 Indiana again heard the call to arms as the nation faced a bloody civil war. Companies of militia from Northern Indiana were brought together to serve as the 9th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Shiloh, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Franklin, Nashville and Atlanta are but some of the battlefields where the courage and tenacity of our soldiers helped the Union restore the nation and win freedom for all of it's citizens. Northern Indiana soldiers continued to serve their nation and state. The unit served again in World War I but it was in 1945 that saw some of the fieriest fighting of the unit's history.

Now serving as the 3rd Battalion - 152nd Infantry, the regiment as part of Indiana's 38th Infantry Division would fight its way through New Guinea, Leyte and Luzon. It helped the Division earn the nickname "The Avengers of Bataan" as the regiment fought across the base of the Bataan peninsula. We would clear Route 7, fight for fourteen days against fierce Japanese resistance to take Zig Zag Pass and seize bloody Woodpecker Ridge. Once again the courage of Indiana's soldiers would help the nation win a desperate struggle.

In 1947 the unit's name was changed again, as it became the 1st Battalion - 293rd Infantry headquartered in Fort Wayne Indiana. Though serving under new colors the courage and dedication to serving the community, state and nation remained the same. In peace or war the Night Fighter battalion stands ready to serve as the vanguard of the new 76th Infantry Brigade.

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