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1-222nd Aviation Regiment

The 1-222 Aviation Regiment provides support to Phase IV and V of the Initial Entry Training and soldierization process in order to provide soldiers to the field Army who are qualified in their MOS, physically fit, technically competent, and who have internalized the Army's seven core values.

The history of the 222d Aviation Regiment (Combat), although of comparatively short duration, has been described as unique, distinguished and highly professional. The most prominent trait of the SKYMASTERS or "triple deuces" is versatility.

The 222d Aviation Regiment (Combat Support) "Skymasters" was constituted on 25 April 1966 and activated on 25 May 1968 at Vung Tau, Republic of Vietnam.

It was originally a fixed wing organization consisting of a utility airplane company equipped with U-1A Otters, two companies of CV-2 Caribou and a surveillance airplane company with OV-1 Mohawks.

On 17 November 1968, the "Skymasters" were re-designated as the 222d Aviation Regiment (Combat) as its fixed wings units were replaced by Rotary Wing Companies equipped with UH-1 Hueys and UH-1M Gunships, a Medium Lift Company with CH-47 Chinooks, a heavy lift company with CH-54 Skycranes and a combination heavy/medium lift company. The Battalion also had a Medical Detachment and a Pathfinder Detachment.

In recognition of its service in Vietnam, the 222d was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation, four awards of the Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm and the Vietnam Civil Action Honor Medal.

Following Vietnam, the battalion relocated to Alaska. At Fort Wainwright, Alaska , the 222d Aviation Battalion (Combat) was the Army's largest and most diverse aviation battalion. Their mission was to provide air surveillance, target acquisition and provide command and staff aviation support to the 172D Infantry Brigade. The battalion's units included a Headquarters and Headquarters Company, CH-47 Chinook Company, CH-54 Skycrane Company, OV-ID Mohawk Military Intelligence Company, Medical Evaluation Detachment and a Maintenance Company. Also assigned, but located at Fort Richardson was a UH-1 Huey and AH-1 Cobra Company and a Headquarters and Headquarters Company flight platoon with two C-12A aircraft.

The unit deactivated on 15 April 1986. On 20 September 1986, the battalion was activated at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. In 1987, Company A was re-designated as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 222d Aviation Regiment and transferred to TRADOC. The Battalion moved again, this time to Fort Eustis, Virginia, where it became part of the 8th Transportation Brigade.

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