1st Battalion - 172nd Armor Regiment

The 1st Battalion, 172nd Armor is a unit near the bottom of the Army's tiered- resourcing system.

In September 1998, the 1st Battalion, 172nd Armor, mastered tank table 12 at Fort Knox, KY, which measures how well a platoon of four tanks can maneuver and engage targets as a team (Army National Guard armor units are only required to qualify on tank table 8, which measures individual tank skills). It was the third consecutive year a Vermont armor unit has tamed table 12. In 1996, the 1-172d also ran the course and in 1997, the 2d Battalion, 172d Armor did the same.

The unit is hampered by limited training funds and no place in-state to fire the 105-millimeter canons of its M-1 tanks.

About 30 personnel from the 1st Battalion deployed to New York on October 20, 2001, for 17 days, to provide security at several sites in Manhattan.

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