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1st Battalion - 162nd Infantry Regiment

In January, 2006 as part of the Army's transfomation towards a modular force, the 1st Battalion, 162nd Infantry Regiment was inactivated. Many members continued to serve with other units within the 41st Infantry Division.

136 members of Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 162nd Infantry Regiment, were called to active duty for deployment in early October 1999 for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to replace an active duty for a period of four to five months and provide security for Patriot missile batteries stationed there. The call-up marked the first combat activation of an Oregon unit since 1941, as a result of World War II.

To prepare for the deployment, the unit spent three weeks trining at Camp Rilea, before spending another 10 days training and testing at For Carson, CO. The unit was later relieved by Bravo Company of the 1st Battalion, 186th Infantry Regiment, Oregon Army NAtional Guard.

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