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1st Battalion, 152nd Infantry Regiment

Organized in 1846, today's 1st Battalion-152d Infantry traces its roots to the counties of southwest Indiana. Originally designated the Second Indiana, today, the Predator Battalion rests on the laurels of a rich 150 year history and continues to prepare for when called again to defend the nation.

The unit's soldiers were there during the Mexican War, volunteers coming to the aid of the free people of Texas whose desire was to become Americans. These Hoosier soldiers exemplified duty, honor, and courage and helped forge ahead the ideals of liberty of a growing nation as it shrugged off old boundaries and spread freedom across the expanses of its wilderness. At Buena Vista the regiment was on hand and ensured the dominance of a free nation over the American Southwest.

Fifteen years later, the Second Indiana again was called to the cause of freedom, marching into battle to fight their own brothers. They defended the Union and secured for all Americans the right to be equal. Hallowed fields with names like Shiloh, Vicksburg, Murfreesborough, and Chickamuaga found us fighting for the life of a nation. They marched to the sea with Sherman and made the nation whole again. The dawn of a new century found the unit with a greater role to play in international affairs, our sacrifices having made us the guardians of democracy for the world. They fought bravely in Europe, the units split and soldiers fed as replacements into hundreds of other units. They helped win the peace, but the war to end all wars was not to be.

The specter of the Axis forced us to revert from citizens to soldiers once more in 1941 and they set out to the Pacific Theater with a new name, fighting for the first time as the 152d Infantry, a part of the 38th Infantry Division Cyclones. At New Guinea, Leyte, and Luzon they demonstrated their resolve once again, fighting with such tenacity that GEN Douglas MacArthur himself dubbed the division the "Avengers of Battan".

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