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1st Battalion - 142nd Aviation Regiment

The 1-142nd flies the AH-1F. Since moving to Rochester in 1995, the 1-142nd has provided support to relief operations following a number of natural disasters in Northern New York and the rest of the state.

The 1-142nd is due to recieve AH-64s sometime in the near future. On 07 September 2001, the Army announced a significant acceleration of the Aviation Modernization Plan. This acceleration advances the retirement of aging aircraft and reduces the number of helicopters in the active and Reserve components. By the end of 2004, there will no longer be AH-1 Cobras in the Army; by that date, the Army's operational helicopter fleet will contain only AH-64 Apaches. By the end of 2002, attack helicopter battalions in heavy divisions will be restructured from 24 to 18 AH-64 Apaches. Corps level attack battalions will be converted from 24 to a maximum of 21 aircraft. This unit is one of six Army National Guard battalions that wil convert from the AH-1 Cobra to the AH-64 Apache under this plan.

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