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1st Battalion - 108th Cavalry
1st Battalion - 108th Armor Regiment

As part of the Army's transformation towards a modular force, in 2005, the title of the 1st Battalion - 108th Armor Regiment was changed to 1st Battalion - 108th Cavalry .

During the first half of the brigade's deployment (Spring 2005 through Spring 2006) to Iraq (during Operation Iraqi Freedom), the 108th Cavalry spent much of its time conducting cordon and search operations, reconnaissance missions, raids and even air assault missions in places like Iraq's Triangle of Death, north of Baghdad, and in cities such as Maumadiah, Talil and Balahd. The unit's focus shifted during the last half of the deployment, to escorting convoys and even bringing together military and civilian entities in one city to create a city council, as concept that was completely new to that particular municipality.

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