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1st Battalion - 104th Infantry Regiment

Originally formed in Springfield, MA, on Nov. 14, 1639, the Hampshire Regiment, as it was then called, fought its first major battle at Bloody Brook, during King Philip's War, in 1675, later developing light infantry tactics while serving in the French and Indian War.

Joining the revolt against Britain on April 20, 1775, militia companies of the Hampshire fought throughout the American Revolution as the 1st and 3rd Massachusetts, and the 23rd Continental regiments.

As the 10th Massachusetts, the regiment distinguished itself throughout the Civil War, capturing the colors of the 1st and 30th South Carolina Infantry in 1862, as well as holding off the Confederate Stonewall Brigade at the Bloody Angle at Spottsylvania Courthouse in 20 hours of hand-to-hand combat on May 12, 1864.

The Spanish-American War saw the redesignated 2nd Massachusetts assaulting El Caney on July 1, 1898.

In World War I, the units again redesignated as the 104th Infantry, and attached to the 26th "Yankee" Division, became the first U.S. Army regiment to receive the fourragère of the French Croix de Guerre, after throwing back a German attack at Aprémont on April 10 to 13, 1918. As he awarded the medal to the entire unit, the French commander of the 32nd Corps d'Armée remarked, "I am proud to decorate the flag of a regiment which fought with such fortitude and courage". Fortitude et Courage has been the 104th's motto ever since.

After fighting in World War II with General George S. Patton Jr's Third Army, the 104th had the palm representing a second regimental Croix de Guerre added to its colors.

Since the 26th Division was downsized to a brigade in 1996, the 104th has, like the 29th Infantry Division (Light) to which it is attached, returned to Europe for the first time since World War II as part of SFOR 10 in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Personnel from the 1st Battalion, 104th Infantry deployed in August of 2001 to Bosnia, as part of the command Task Force Eagle as part of the ongoing rotation of active Army and Guard divisions in support of Operation Joint Forge. Company A served with Task Force Rifles at Comanche Base.

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