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1st Squadron - 104 Cavalry Regiment

The Squadron, moved to Philadelphia in the mid-1970's has been utilized in various missions from providing soldiers for disaster relief missions to providing men and equipment in the movie, "Taps".

Troops B and C, and possibly as well Troop A, are each made up of two tank platoons, two scout platoons, a section of mortars and a section of maintenance personnel. In addition there is an HQ section which provides the command aspect and administrative and logistical support.

Each tank platoon is equipped with four M1IP Abrams tanks armed with a 105mm main gun as well as a .50 caliber and two 7.62mm machine guns. Each scout platoon is equipped with three M113A2 Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs), and three M901 Improved TOW Vehicles (ITVs). The three M113's are used for the all terrain transport of cavalry scouts. These M113 are to be eventually upgraded to the M2/M3 Bradley. The M901 ITV is a variant of the M113A2, but has been adapted to fire two wire guided anti-tank missiles at ranges out to 3,750 meters. The mortar section provides the indirect fire support inherent to the armored cavalry troop.

The 1st Squadron, 104 Cavalry Regiment, was originally organized on 17 November 1774 as Light Horse of the City of Philadelphia and served at various times during the Revolutionary War (from 23-26 June 1775, it escorted General George Washington from Philadelphia, PA, to Kingsbridge, NY, en route to Cambridge, MA, to take command of the Continental Army). It was redesignated in 1794 as First Troop, Philadelphia City Cavalry.

The unit was mustered on 27 August 1814 into Federal service in War of 1812, and mustered out on 12 December 1814. The unit was next mustered into Federal service for the Civil War on 13 May 1861, serving in Virginia. It was mustered out on 17 August 1861. In August 1861, members of First Troop, Philadelphia City Cavalry, were mustered in and organized into companies C and E of the 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry for Federal service in the Civil War. On 18 June 1863, it was mustered into Federal service for the Civil War, serving in Pennsylvania, before being mustered out on 31 July 1863. It was next mustered into State service for the Civil War between 11-17 July 1864. Companies C and E were mustered out on 17 June 1865.

On 7 May 1898, the unit was again mustered into Federal service for the Spanish-American War and redesignated as First Troop, Phila City Cavalry Squadron, Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry. It arrived on 2 August 1898 in Puerto Rico, which it left on 3 September 1898. The unit was mustere out on 3 November 1898.

On 18 January 1899, it was reorganized as First Troop, Philadelphia City Cavalry. It was assigned to Squadron A on 15 May 1910. On 21 June 1911, Squadron A was redesignated as 1st Squadron. The unit was assigned on 6 July 1914 to the 1st Cavalry and redesignated as Troop E (First Troop, Philadelphia City Cavalry). It was mustered on 6 July 1916 into Federal service for the Mexican border and stationed at El Paso, TX. The unit was mustered out on 22 January 1917.

On 15 July 1917, it was drafted and mustered into Federal service for World War I. On 30 October 1917, it was redesignated as the 103rd Headquarters Troop, 28th Division; and on 9 December 1917 as 103rd Trench Mortar Battery, 53rd Field Artillery, 28th Division, serving in both France and Belgium. It was mustered out on 12 April 1919.

On 21 April 1920, the unit was reorganized and Federally recognized as Troop E (First Troop, Philadelphia City Cavalry), 1st Cavalry. It was redesignated on 1 June 1921 as HQ Troop (First Troop, Phila City Cav), 52nd Cav Brigade, 21st Cavalry Division; and on 18 June 1939, as Troop A, 104th Cavalry.

The unit was inducted on 22 January 1941 into Federal service for World War II. It inactivated on 15 November 1945.

On 21 April 1947, the unit organized and was Federally recognized as the 28th Mechanized Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop. It was reorganized on 1 June 1959 and redesignated as Troop A, 1st Reconnaissance Squadron, 103rd Armor. It was redesignated on 1 April 1963 as Troop A, 1st Reconnaissance Squadron, 223rd Cavalry; and on 1 April 1975 as Troop A, 1st Squadron, 104th Cavalry.

On 31 May 2002 elements of A Troop, C Troop, and HHT were mustered into Federal service as Task Force Saber. TF Saber deployed to Bosnia Herzegovina as a part of SFOR 12 for a NATO peacekeeping mission. This marked the Squadron's first Federal Activation since WWII.

On 06 January 2005 B Troop was activated as part of the 28 ID's 2 Brigade Combat Team for deployment to Iraq in support of OIF4. As of April 2006, the 1/104th CAV was transforming from a Division size reconnaissance element into a Brigade level reconnaissance unit under the command of the 55th Brigade 28th ID.

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