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Sixth Stage (1998 - n / time) - Dagestan, second Chechen

Back in 1996, after the signing of Khasavyurt agreement was clear that this conflict in the Caucasus will not stop. At the same time there was a real danger of the spread of the ideas of separatism throughout the North Caucasus and other regions and republics of Russia. Most exposed to the ideas of Wahhabism was Dagestan, where intelligence agencies of Saudi Arabia and some other Islamic states began active work in the early nineties.

By the end of 1997 the General Staff became apparent that it would be the first republic of Dagestan, which Wahhabis try to deprive from Russia to establish an independent Islamic state in the North Caucasus, with its capital in Johar (Grozny).

It is in this regard, in early 1998 from the 22 obrSpN in Kaspiysk departed 8th separate detachment of special purpose. A few months later, it was replaced by 3 ooSpN. They changed each other in August 1999. Groups conducted reconnaissance in areas bordering Chechnya, studied the system of protection and warning the administrative border with the Chechen side. Also they tracked the path of the implementation and the "left" of petroleum, comes in lots of Chechnya. Together with the Ministry of Interior and the FSB revealed arms trade channels. About how special forces controlled the situation, is enough to say that the fact of invasion by Basayev and Khattab was tracked group present in an ambush, the information of which immediately went to the Center.

With the outbreak of hostilities riot troops provided intelligence, revealing defenses and rebel positions. Primarily, these problems are solved ooSpN 8 *, as well as company ooSpN 3 *. Due to transfer to the reserve scouts served their terms, 411 unit was staffed by personnel 3rd * so he acted on only one company.

In the following group of special forces has been strengthened and consolidated detachments arrived from almost all military districts. Directed their actions 22obrSpN commander Colonel L. Planning for special reconnaissance, which he carried out, compared with subordinates brilliant game of chess.

Upon completion of the defeat of the pockets of resistance in Dagestan troops entered Chechnya. Along with them came in and special forces units. They were part of military factions, advancing from different directions. At the initial stage of intelligence agencies spetsnaz units mainly conducted reconnaissance in the interests of advancing troops. None-arms commander did not move his troops forward as long as it did not receive "good" from the special forces group commander. This, in particular, due to the small (compared to the first Chechen) loss of troops in the nomination of Grozny.

Commandos directly participated in the collection of intelligence about militant group defending Grozny. Virtually all of it was opened with a fairly high degree of certainty.

Subsequently, special forces also moved to its tactics of search and ambushes and raids on the commission found militant bases. This was particularly characteristic of the foothills and mountainous areas. Was revived experience Inspection groups operating in Afghanistan helicopter. At the same time, due to the fact that the special forces has been and remains the most prepared and organized part of our army, he also had to be taken in conjunction with prosecutors in operations against the looters. According to participants of hostilities in Chechnya and, in particular, staff of the Office "A" and "B" of the FSB, the GRU was better in the second Chechen war

On October 24, 2000 in TSDRA was marked 50th anniversary of the mouth Spetsnaz. At a solemn meeting, in addition to the head of the GRU, present Chief of the General Staff and the Defense Minister. In their speeches, they summed up the half-century history of the special forces and praised his Merit. October 24 officially announced thr birthday special forces. For special distinction in the battles for the safety and integrity of the Russian Federation in April 2001 won the title 22 0brSpN Guards. This is the first part of the military, which was awarded this honorary title after the Second World War.

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