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Fifth Stage (1994-1998) - first Chechen campaign

Russian special forces had participated in the Chechen conflict of 1994-1996 since the invasion of Chechnya. Consolidated and separate detachments operated by teams of Moscow, Siberia, North Caucasus, Urals, Trans-Baikal and Far Eastern Military District. In December 1994, January 1995, fighting in Chechnya participated 45 PFU Navy.

By the spring of 1995 troops were withdrawn from Chechnya, except for a single special-purpose unit of the North Caucasus Military District, which he fought until the end of hostilities, and returned to his unit in the fall of 1996.

Unfortunately, the intelligence agencies for special purposes, especially at the beginning of hostilities, during the invasion of Chechnya, were used as intelligence units and ground forces. This was a consequence of the low level of training of staff intelligence units of these parts. For the same reason, especially during the storming of Grozny, reconnaissance groups and special forces units were included in the assault teams. This led to unnecessary losses. 1995 can be considered the most tragic for the entire history of special forces of both the USSR and Russia.

Because of mistakes in the beginning of January 1995 he was captured special forces detachment under the command of Major Ivanova. *

Also, due to mistakes of the leadership team of special purpose brigade of the Moscow Military District, was placed in a booby-trapped building Chechen rebels. As a result of undermining detachment suffered heavy losses.

Nevertheless, in the following, working independently, special forces began to operate using the inherent tactics. The most common tactic was ambushes. Often special forces group worked on intelligence received from the military counterintelligence agencies, the FSB and the Interior Ministry. Ambushes destroyed warlords move at night on all-terrain vehicles with little protection.

In May 1995, units of special forces brigade of the North Caucasian Military District took part in the operation to free hostages in Budennovsk. They stormed the hospital, but controlled the neighborhood of the city, and later accompanied the column with the militants and hostage waiting for command to destroy the terrorists on the road. As you know, this team has not arrived.

In January 1996, a contingent of the team participated in the SCWO operation to free hostages in Pervomaiskiy. At the initial stage of the operation to liberate the village band of forty-seven people took a diversion to pull over the main militant forces. At the final stage of detachment caused the most serious losses erupts grouping S. Raduev despite repeated numerical superiority fighters. For this fight five of SWAT officers awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation, one of them posthumously.

This period is characterized by the fact that separate units operating in Chechnya, was again (as in Afghanistan) is equipped with military equipment, which will increase the firepower and mobility reconnaissance, providing reconnaissance activities.

During the first Chechen, for the first time due to the groups to perform the most important tasks, in addition to radio stations were given mobile phones. This increases the efficiency of communication and decision-making.

Also, this period is characterized by manning warring special forces military service contract. The educational level of intelligence at that time was quite high. People with higher and secondary technical education and attracted high enough regular payments.

With the end of the war in Chechnya, the units were smaller and not so well formed. People with combat experience, capable of independent action, began to retire, and in their place came again conscripts. Opportunity to make at least a professional commandos was missed.

At the same time the first Chechen lessons were not lost. Level of training units and connections at the end of this period was significantly higher than at the beginning. Were renewed competition championship teams of the Armed Forces Special. Started to establish contacts with the special forces of other countries.

In 1997, a group Chuchkovskoy Brigade, speaking for the first time in international competition in Slovakia, ranked sixth in that group took the first four hosts, who knew every bush there. In 1998, a group of special forces brigade Dal VO was on a business trip in a group of U.S. Army Special Purpose **, stationed in Alaska. Competing with the Americans, our made quite successfully and won the prize.

Organizational structure also improved in accordance with the requirements of the time. One can argue about whether the commandos could successfully defend or not, whether there was a right commander to surrender their subordinates or had not. This had a moral right to tell someone who has been in a similar situation.

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