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Fourth Stage 1989-1994 collapse of the USSR

This period can be considered one of the most difficult in the history of special forces. For even the Afghan War, which lasted nine years, did not cause such damage to units and formations of special purpose.

After 15 Afghan obrSpN was bred to the place of her former dislocation in Chirchik. 154 detachment remained in its composition. Detachment 177 was transferred to the brigade LenVO, fourth and fifth, respectively, and returned to Kirovograd Maryina Gorka. 22obrSpN was developed in Azerbaijan settlement Perepechkyul. In its structure remained third and eighth units. Sixth returned to Chuchkovo (CVM), and the seventh - in Izjaslavl. 459 special force company August 15, 1988 was derived in Samarkand.

At the end of the eighties - early nineties was marked by widespread civil unrest and armed militants performances of all kinds separatist groups. 173 squad took an active part in restoring order in the city of Baku in the Republic of North Ossetia during the Ossetian-Ingush conflict, as well as in Nagorno Karabakh. In 1992 he was transferred to 22obrSpN North - Caucasian IN.

In 1992, the two forces brigades were sent from Moscow to the Republic of Tajikistan to assist in the maintenance of constitutional order. In 1988-89 three units 12 special brigade of the Transcaucasian Military District took part in restoring constitutional order in Zagatala region of Azerbaijan in Tbilisi, and in 1991 - in the NCB and North Ossetia. Due to complicate the situation in the territory of the Caucasus, the command of special forces units and formations made a decision on the withdrawal of the brigade and its transfer 03 September 1992.

In 1991, a team from Germany transferred Volga IN. 4obrSpN formed in Riga in 1962 and until the fall of 1992 is located in Viljandi (Estonia) on October 1 was disbanded. The training regiment for special purposes, preparing the sergeants and specialists for the troops, as well as school warrant is on its territory, was taken out of Petshory and later disbanded.

As a result, the division of the Armed Forces after the Bialowieza agreement Armed Forces of Ukraine 10 IN obrSpN Odessa, located Ukraine the Crimea were "offered" to Ukraine. Two of her squads were in Feodosia, and the rest of the brigade headquarters and near the village of May Day. As a result of the reorganization team transformed in the 1st Parachute Regiment Armed Forces of Ukraine.

  • Brigade * IN Kiev, located in Kirovograd
  • Carpathian Brigade * IN, located in Izjaslavl
  • Armed Forces of Belarus - 5 special purpose brigade.
  • Armed Forces of Uzbekistan - 15 special purpose brigade, 459 orSpN (at its base formed a separate detachment of special forces), as well as special-purpose training regiment, who was preparing during the Afghan war manpower to warring divisions.
  • Group of 15 Brigade officers to actively assist in the fight against Islamic fundamentalists in Tajikistan.

Despite the large number of hot spots, and the need to quickly extinguish the specified period, as for all the Armed Forces of Russia, characteristic drop in the level of combat training, lack of supplies and equipment in the units and special purpose weapons, combat and other appliances.


  • In 1984, 791 companies based in the Siberian Military District, formed special purpose brigade.
  • 25.07. 1992 on the basis 901odshb and 218 obSpN was formed 45 PFU Airborne, which is also called 45 special forces regiment of the Airborne Forces.

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