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Iraqi Intelligence Service - IIS
[Mukhabarat] Department of General Intelligence

On 26 June 1993 U.S. naval forces launched a Tomahawk cruise missile strike on the Iraqi Intelligence Service's (IIS) principal command and control complex in Baghdad. This facility was the headquarters for the IIS, which planned the failed attempt to assassinate former President Bush during his visit to Kuwait in April 1993.

Intelligence Headquarters,

Iraqi Intelligence Service Headquarters

Iraqi Intelligence Service Headquarters

The Special Operations [14th] Directorate was located in Salman Pak, 20 km south-east of Baghdad. The Residency Directorate was located in Karada district of Baghdad. Mukhabarat maintained prison/interrogation centers at Al Haakimiya [52nd Street opposite the Passport Office] and at Khandari, about 23 km west of Baghdad. Iraq's main prison was in the Abughreib district of Baghdad. The National Security Institute, and the Surveillance Directorate, were located in Jihad district [possibly at Abughreib in the western suburbs of Baghdad].

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