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Amn Al Khass
Special Security Service (SSS)

Initially agency had a staff of about 1,000, but over the years the strength of the SSS grew to about 5,000 officers and soldiers who operate in plain clothes.

The President's Personal Protection Unit (PPPU), also known as the Presidential Palaces Security Unit (Jihaz Al-Hemiya Al-Kasa or Amn Al-Kusour) was always under the control of a member of the President's immediate family. This provided Saddam with constant physical protection, and supervised communications, transportation, and domestic facilities in his residences. This was the only unit which had armed men in direct and close contact with the President. Thus the main task of this department was to protect the president from assassination. Its agents were also involved in the assassination of senior members of the regime by direct order of the President.

The Presidential Intelligence Bureau (Jihaz Mukhabarat Al-Ra'isa, also known as Jihaz Al-Amn Al-Khas) was also always under the control of a member of the President's immediate family. It was the nerve centre of the regime's security network. The main task of this organisation was to co-ordinate the functions of all security and intelligence bodies, allowing the President to impose direct control over all security activities in the state. Apart from the co-ordination task, this organisation had a direct role in meeting the President's intelligence requirements. It was the eyes and ears of the President, as well as the hand to implement, directly or indirectly, the President's security directives. This body was in charge of collecting information about the activities of all high-ranking officials and even information about members of the President's immediate family. This was the highest intelligence organisation and the one in charge of maintaining the President's control over the state.

Office of the Director General

The Office of the Director General was located in the Hai Al Tashriya district of Baghdad. The Director General was Qusay Saddam Hussein. The Manager of the Director General's Office was Suleiman Hajim Al Nasiri, the Secretary to the Director General was Moyed Sami Ahmad Al Douri, and the Secretary to the Manager was Abbas Ayash Al Nasiri.

Special Branch

Special Branch elements included the Security Office that monitored SSS personnel to ensure their loyalty to the regime. The Security Office was also responsible for conducting operations against suspect members of al-Khas. Located in Hai Al Tashriya district next to the Director General's Office, this office also included the Identification Department which produces all credentials for the SSS, the SSS prison and the security department. The Director of the Security Office was Ahmed Wahab Nasser Al Douri. The SSS Prison was in Hai Al Tashriya. The officer in charge of the SSO prison was Hassan Khalid Al Tikriti, and the deputy head of the prison was Abbas Mohammed Hamed Al Dulaimi. The security department was in Hai Al Tashriya. Located across the street from the Director General's Office. The officer in charge of the security department was Haji Zuheir Hameed Al Tikriti, and the deputy head was Muklif Sabah Ali Al Dulaimi.

Brigade of Amn Al-Khass / Security Detail

The Brigade of Amn Al-Khass was a rapid-response intervention force, which if the need arose would be assisted in military operations by the Special Republican Guard. Located near Baghdad Clock, the Director was Haji Yahya Zakaria Naji Al Tikriti. The deputy director and commander of the HQ Platoon is Haji Dhari Hamid Abbas Al Nuaimi. Director of the Baghdad Platoon was Hamad Abdel Karim Al Douri. Director of the Quick Reaction Platoon was Sa'ad Nofan Al Janabi. Director of the Traffic Platoon was Captain Saber Al Jishi.

    Protection Office

    Located at the Agricultural Circle near the Council of Ministers building, this office provided bodyguards for senior SSO personnel. The Director was Habib Nahi Semiyan Al Hadithi.

    Office of Presidential Facilities

    This office provided protection and security to the Presidential Offices, Council of Ministers, National Council, and the Regional and National Command of the Baath Party. The Director was Nasser Sa'ad Waheeb Al Nasiri.

Political Branch

The Political Branch collected and analyses intelligence on and prepared responses to enemies of the state. Headed by Major Nawfal Mahjoom Al-Tikriti, the branch maintained extensive computer files on all Iraqis who had been identified as possible dissidents or subversives.

    Operations Office

    The Political Branch included an operations unit, headed by Haji Zuhair Al-Tikriti, responsible for operations against enemies of the state.

    Public Opinion Office

    The Public Opinion Office was responsible for collecting and disseminating rumours. It was located at the Agricultural Circle. The Director was Samir Abdel Aziz Al Ajili.

Administration Branch

The Administration Branch was responsible for general administration, food supplies, salaries, buildings, and other support activities. Located inside Al Hayat building, the Director of Administration was Mahmoud Shaban Abbas Al Tikriti.

    Audit Office

    Located in Hai Al Tashriya near Director General's Office, the Director was Faris Hameed Al Tikriti.

    Communications Office

    Located next to Al Hayat Building, the Director was Wasfi Jabbar Qasim Al Tikriti.

Security Institute

Security Institute provided training, and was located in the Hai Al Amil of the Officers' District. The Director was Mahmoud Sohail Al Tikriti, and the Deputy Director was Ghassan Zakaria Najim Al Tikriti.

SSS Gun Club

Located near Al Masba, the Gun Club contained the armoury of the SSO and Qusay's private swimming pool. The Director was Haji Said Hamid Al Douri.

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