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EP-3 Maintenance Concept

The maintenance concept for the EP-3E ARIES II is organizational, intermediate, and depot level maintenance. EP-3E ARIES II SSIP Avionics Plans do not include the intermediate level of maintenance. Fault isolation and correction times are reduced through the effective, but limited use of system Built-In Test features at the organizational level. Intermediate level maintenance fault isolation times are reduced by using Automatic Test Equipment whenever possible. Depot level maintenance is provided by the Fleet Support Team, Naval Aviation Depot Jacksonville, Florida. Interim support during the SSIP modification is required and detailed in the Interim Supply Support Plan. Interim support is provided by Raytheon Technical Services Corporation Indianapolis, Indiana.

The EP-3E ARIES II maintenance concept reflects the three-level plan promulgated in the Naval Aviation Maintenance Program (NAMP), Office of the Chief of Naval Operations Instruction (OPNAVINST) 4790.2 series. The NAMP prescribes three levels of maintenance: organizational, intermediate, and depot. Fault isolation times and corrective maintenance actions are reduced through the limited, but effective use of system Built-In Test features at the organizational level. Intermediate level fault isolation times are reduced by using Automatic Test Equipment whenever possible. Organizational and intermediate level maintenance is Navy organic support. Depot level maintenance requires both organic and contractor support for those subsystems not supported by Navy organic facilities. The EP-3E ARIES II SSIP Avionics Plans have a maintenance concept that is organizational to depot level repair. The Navy maintenance effort is limited to the organizational level consisting of removal and replacement of Weapon Replaceable Assemblies (WRAs). Depot level repair is accomplished by existing organic depots and cognizant vendors.

EP-3E ARIES II and EP-3E ARIES II SSIP organizational level maintenance requirements are performed by the operating units on a day-to-day basis in support of their own operations. These actions include inspections, servicing, handling, removal and replacement of WRAs and selected Shop Replaceable Assemblies (SRAs), major aircraft and engine components, and on-equipment corrective maintenance. Preventive maintenance consists of standard preflight, postflight, calendar, and flight hour material and corrosion inspections per the prescribed Maintenance Requirements Cards. EP-3E ARIES II organizational level maintenance consists of removal and replacement of faulty aircraft and engine components, WRAs, and selected SRAs, retest to confirm proper system operation, and on-equipment repair. The SMD is used for fault isolation to the WRA for EP-3E ARIES II SSIP equipment. The AN/USM-482 is used to isolate failures in the waveguide RF transmission lines. Repair consists of removal and replacement of faulty WRAs and selected SRAs, and retest to confirm proper system operation.

Intermediate maintenance consists of repair of aircraft and engine components, WRAs, and SRAs forwarded to the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD) by the organizational activities. WRA repair is accomplished by replacement of faulty SRAs, pieces, and parts. The troubleshooting and repair of faulty components, WRAs, and SRAs by intermediate maintenance personnel is performed per the specific equipment maintenance plans. EP-3E ARIES II SSIP Avionics Plans do not include intermediate level maintenance.

Repair of all components, WRAs, and SRAs determined to be beyond the squadron capability or the supporting AIMD is accomplished or directed by the Fleet Support Team (FST), NADEP Jacksonville. Piece and part replacements are performed per approved maintenance plans. Various contractors, including Raytheon Technical Service Company (RTSC) Indianapolis, Indiana, (formerly NAVAIRWARCENACDIV Indianapolis) provide depot level support for the Electronic Warfare (EW) mission avionics. EP-3E ARIES II SSIP is planned for life-cycle vendor support for selected EP-3E unique equipment. EP-3E ARIES II SSIP equipment common to other service applications will share a common depot per the lead service procedures. NADEP Jacksonville is the FST for the basic EP-3E and the depot for airframe, hydraulics, environmental systems, and P-3C common equipment.

Interim support for new or modified contractor furnished avionics equipment is provided by RTSC Indianapolis and various other contractors until Navy organic support is fully developed. Nine Naval Aviation Technical Data and Engineering Center (NATEC) representatives provide Navy Engineering and Technical Services to support the EP-3E ARIES II MAS and the ARIES II Aircraft program. The Interim Supply Support (ISS) Plan details interim support required for new or modified avionics equipment. Repair or Return (ROR) contracts are used as interim maintenance support and are managed by various Navy Inventory Control Points (NAVICP). The ISS Plan was developed to establish organizational responsibilities and functions for the development and acquisition of support resources for the EP-3E ARIES II SSIP until the Material Support Date (MSD), which was achieved in January 1999. NAVICP manages the ROR program using input data from the three fleet and equipment repair activities. RTSC Indianapolis assists NAVICP in the management of the ROR program.

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