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Advanced Tethered Vehicle

Maximum Depth 20,000 Ft
Weight 13,000 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 14 x7.5 Ft
Speed 1.5 knots Forward/Aft and 1 knot laterally
Payload 200 lb
Control Fiber Optic Tether and Telemetry System
Navigation KVH Fluxgate Compass
USBL and LBL Navigation
Altitude and Depth Sensors
Sonars EDO MODEL 259 CTFM Sonar, 107122 kHz, 2000 ft range
WESMAR RVS 12OO Obstacle Avoidance Sonar, 160 kHz, 1600 ft range
Cameras Osprey OE1363 Forward Looking Color Video Camera
Osprey OE1393 Port Side Looking Color Video Camera
Osprey TV3500Z 1 Chip Color Video Camera
Sony 930 3 Chip Color Video Camera
Osprey OE1357 Black and White Stereo Cameras
Hi-Res Frame Grabber
Photosea 1000A 35mm Still Camera and Strobe System
Four HMI Lights and two 250 watt incandescent lights
Micro Laser Scaler
Manipulators Two Forced Feedback Manipulators with tool package containing a cable cutter, jack, drill and spreader, and 65 lbs of lift each
Add-On Equipment Support Electrical 120 vac/500 watts
RS 232 Interface
Hydraulic Connection Available
Unpowered Line Reel (16,000 ft of 3/8" Kevlar line)

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