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Russia's Eastern Military District Obtains Orlan-10 Hi-Tech Drones

Sputnik News

12:05 09.03.2016(updated 12:06 09.03.2016)

The armed forces of Russia's Eastern Military District (EMD) have received five Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), which are able to operate for up to 18 hours and at high altitudes, the district's spokesman, Alexander Gordeev, said Wednesday.

KHABAROVSK (Sputnik) – The Orlan-10 UAVs could be used in adverse terrain, including mountainous areas. A command point for such drones can control four vehicles simultaneously.

Units equipped with UAVs can perform reconnaissance and target indication tasks as well as conducting search and reconnaissance missions.

'Unmanned air vehicle unit of Russia's Eastern Military District in the Sakhalin Region has received five multipurpose Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles. The devices are able to stay aloft for up to 18 hours and perform tasks at heights of from a few dozen to several thousand meters,' Gordeev said.

Gordeev noted that information from the drone is transferred to a remote operator in real time.


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