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November 2004 Intelligence News

  • Lockheed Martin Selected By National Security Agency To Provide Security Systems For Sites In Washington Metro Area Lockheed Martin 30 Nov 2004 -- Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has been awarded a contract by the National Security Agency (NSA) to provide highly integrated physical security systems for its locations in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Lockheed Martin’s teammates include AT&T, Intergraph Corporation, Lenel Systems International, and Intelligent Decisions.
  • INTELLIGENCE REFORM VOA 30 Nov 2004 -- Members of the September 11th Commission are urging President Bush and Republican congressional leaders to overcome roadblocks to final approval of intelligence reform legislation. Families of victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks joined in the appeals, which come less than a week before the House and Senate hold a special session likely to be the last chance to enact intelligence reform this year.
  • Terrorists Interested in Unconventional Weapons, CIA Says Washington File 29 Nov 2004 -- The Central Intelligence Agency sent a report to Congress in November noting that many terrorist groups and non-state actors around the world are interested in using chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons in the future.
  • Pakistani national arrested in Indian Capital for spying IRNA 26 Nov 2004 -- A Pakistani national has been arrested here on charges of alleged spying with police claiming to have recovered "sensitive defense related documents and photographs from him.
  • BUSH/INTELLIGENCE REFORM VOA 28 Nov 2004 -- The chairman of the commission that investigated the September 11th, 2001, attacks on the United States says President Bush must pressure Congress to pass intelligence reform legislation. VOA's Paula Wolfson reports from the White House, Thomas Kean stresses these reforms are essential to the United States' national security.
  • Congressional Report, November 24: Intelligence Overhaul Washington File 24 Nov 2004 -- U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert says Congress will return for a two-day session beginning December 6 and will consider legislation designed to overhaul the U.S. intelligence community.
  • President Directs CIA To Increase Analysts, Operatives Washington File 24 Nov 2004 -- While acknowledging the progress the CIA has already made in rebuilding its intelligence capabilities, President Bush directed the agency to implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission to increase the number of its intelligence analysts and field operatives.
  • CIA / IRAN-NOKOR VOA 24 Nov 2004 -- The Central Intelligence Agency has restated its belief that Iran has secretly pursued nuclear weapons, and also says North Korea is continuing to develop ballistic missiles that could reach parts of the United States. The CIA posted the unclassified report on its Internet website.
  • Russian Physicist Convicted Of Spying For China RFE/RL 24 Nov 2004 -- A Siberian court today sentenced a Russian physicist to 14 years in prison for passing space technology secrets to China.
  • Transcript: Defense Department Operational Update Briefing 23 Nov 2004 -- Secretary Of Defense Donald Rumsfeld; and General Richard Myers, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • INTEL REFORM: FAILURE OR COMPROMISE? VOA 23 Nov 2004 -- It has been one of the highest priorities of the 108th Congress -- to approve legislation reorganizing the U.S. intelligence system, in an effort to help prevent future terrorist attacks in the United States like those on September 11, 2001. But the Republican-controlled legislature has so far failed to do so, leaving many to wonder why the recommendations of the September 11 Commission have not been enacted.
  • FCS Team to Evaluate Options For Class II and III Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Boeing 22 Nov 2004 -- Boeing (NYSE: BA) and partner Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), acting as Lead Systems Integrator (LSI) for the U.S. Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS) program, are seeking bid proposals to develop Class II and Class III Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems. The bid solicitation is a result of the Army's decision in July to expand and accelerate the FCS program.
  • Fallujah changes revealed with new satellite imagery and MapImager On-LineT Telemorphic, Inc., a leading innovator in geospatial technologies, announces the immediate availability of MapImager On-LineT, now with interactive before/after satellite imagery of Fallujah, Iraq. The satellite imagery, provided by DigitalGlobe, Inc., offers the most detail of any commercially available imagery, with a pixel resolution on the ground of 61cm (2ft). The images were acquired on January 27, 2004 and Nov. 5, 2004, and represent an objective snapshot of the city before and after/during recent military activities there.
  • Actionable Intelligence: UAs to beef up MI assets Army News 19 Nov 2004 -- The 3rd Infantry Division "units of action" deploying to Iraq will have unmanned aerial vehicles, the Prophet collection system and more assigned intelligence assets than a typical brigade combat team.
  • CIA-TERRORISM VOA 17 Nov 2004 -- The man who once headed the Central Intelligence Agency unit tracking Osama bin Laden says the United States needs to develop a sharper understanding of the terrorist leader and his appeal in the Islamic world.
  • U.S.: Necessary Housecleaning Or Political Bloodletting At CIA? RFE/RL 17 Nov 2004 -- Several senior officials of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have resigned since President George W. Bush's new intelligence director, Porter Goss, took over in September. Most recently, the man in charge of covert operations and his deputy quit on 15 November. Last week, the agency's former number-two man left. The resignations follow a year of revelations that the CIA did a poor job anticipating the attacks of 11 September 2001 and assessing the weapons capabilities of Iraq's Saddam Hussein before he was deposed in a U.S.-led invasion in early 2003. Is the nation's leading spy agency undergoing a necessary housecleaning, or political bloodletting?
  • CIA TURMOIL VOA 16 Nov 2004 -- The Central Intelligence Agency is reported to be in turmoil. The top two managers of the agency's clandestine service have quit, as have several other high-ranking career officials. The reasons for some of the resignations are murky.
  • CONGRESS/INTELLIGENCE VOA 16 Nov 2004 -- Lawmakers are engaged in intense negotiations aimed at a possible last minute compromise on final legislation to reform the U.S. intelligence system, before the end of the 108th Congress. The White House says President Bush is weighing in on the issue
  • First Production Global Hawk UAV Arrives at Beale Air Force Base Northrop Grumman 16 Nov 2004 -- The first production RQ-4A Global Hawk unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicle has arrived at its new home at Beale Air Force Base, Calif.
  • FBI/INTELLIGENCE VOA 15 Nov 2004 -- Robert Mueller, the director of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, says the FBI's new focus on intelligence has made it more effective in the fight against both crime and terrorism. Mr. Mueller says new adversaries require a smarter, more sophisticated agency.
  • Boeing ScanEagle UAV Surpasses 1000 Flight Hours in Iraq Boeing 11 Nov 2004 -- ScanEagle, a long-endurance fully autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle developed by Boeing [NYSE:BA] and The Insitu group, this week surpassed 1,000 flight hours during operations in Iraq.
  • Russian Scientist Jailed To Stop Influencing Spy Trial RFE/RL 10 Nov 2004 -- A Russian court today jailed a scientist who is facing sentencing for spying for China.
  • NY/9-11 COMMISSION VOA 09 Nov 2004 -- With the re-election of President Bush, the 9-11 Commission that investigated the terrorist bombings in New York and Washington on September 11, 2001, has renewed its push for implementation of its recommendations. Among those recommendations is the creation of a single intelligence chief.
  • Unmanned Aircraft Gain Starring Role in Terror War AFPS 09 Nov 2004 -- Unmanned aerial vehicles are earning star status in the global war on terror, becoming the most-requested capability among combatant commanders in Southwest Asia and increasing fourfold in that theater during the last year alone, according to the deputy director of the Pentagon's UAV planning task force.
  • Spies on Spying VOA 08 Nov 2004 -- As Congress considers how to craft a more effective intelligence system for the nation, Faiza Elmasry spoke with two former agents for the C.I.A about their shadowy profession. and what they think should be done to improve it.
  • BAE SYSTEMS North America Completes Acquisition Of Alphatech BAE Systems 05 Nov 2004 -- Acquisition expands company's capabilities in image and signal processing, intelligence fusion, and information-based national security systems
  • Thales UK, Boeing and QinetiQ win MoD contract for the Joint Unmanned Air Vehicle Experimentation Programme Thales 04 Nov 2004 -- Thales UK, Boeing and QinetiQ have signed a contract with the MoD for the Maritime Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) strand of the Joint UAV Experimentation Programme (JUEP). The team, led by Thales UK and to be known as Team JUEP, will fly the ScanEagle UAV in a maritime role to identify the joint service operational requirements for future maritime UAVs.
  • Northrop Grumman Uses Test Flights to Demonstrate Key Technologies for U.S. Army Unmanned Armed Rotorcraft Program Northrop Grumman 02 Nov 2004 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) recently used two company-funded test flights of an unmanned helicopter surrogate to demonstrate key technologies for its proposed concept for a new U.S. Army unmanned armed rotorcraft program.
  • Over 190 Cases of Aerial Espionage by U.S. in October KCNA 02 Nov 2004 -- The U.S. imperialists committed more than 190 cases of aerial espionage against the DPRK with the mobilization of strategic and tactical reconnaissance planes on different missions in October, according to military sources.

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